Thursday, August 30, 2012

Will There Be An Arrest In The Ayla Reynolds Case?

Someone asked me for an update in the Ayla Reynolds case, specifically, if there would be an arrest any time in the near future. Ayla Reynolds disappeared from her home in Waterville, Maine on December 16, 2011. She was twenty months old.

Will there be an arrest in Ayla Reynold's case? The reading details that in the past, there was an event that was almost completely lucky for the perpetrator. This is the Wheel of Fortune. It was pure chance that gave this person the opportunity to make Ayla disappear in the first place. The next card is the ten of swords, which is violence. Often, this card describes fatal violence. After this, we have the High Priestess, reversed, telling us of assistance from a female. The High Priestess also speaks of secrecy, and reversed, this screams "accomplice". In addition to being dishonest, this woman is shallow and predictable, however; which may help the investigation.

For the present, we have the Sun. I believe that this is a clue to where Ayla can be found. She is outside, somewhere that either gets a certain amount of sun, or the name "Sun" is part of a place name nearby. I still think she is on private property somewhere. Following this we have the six of swords, reversed. While Ayla has not moved, neither has the investigation. Temperance is the next card describing the present. Temperance describes the proper handling of physical evidence and asking questions at the appropriate time.

In the future, we have the four of pentacles, reversed, telling us that someone may just "let go" of this child's remains at an opportune moment. Upright, this card means hoarding, but reversed, it is quite the opposite. Following this, we have the seven of swords, reversed. This tells us that everything will be done in secret, and the perpetrator stands a reasonably good chance of getting away with it. Death reversed is the last card. Ultimately, hiding what has happened will not be completely possible, as Death, when it falls reversed, is a card of stagnation. In order for an arrest, it will be necessary to watch the suspects closely. They still have some evidence to either destroy or discard.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Susan Cox Powell

Someone asked me if I would do a reading for Susan Cox Powell recently. She was last seen on either December 6 or December 7, 2009 in her home in West Valley, Utah. Her late husband, Josh, has been the main person of interest since she was reported missing. Lately, her father in law, Steve Powell, has also been looked at with suspicion, especially since February of this year, when Josh violently killed himself and the two boys he had with Susan and burned down his house. What a sad situation.

The question I put to the cards was "what happened to Susan Cox Powell, and where is she?" This reading begins with the six of wands, reversed, crossed by the three of wands. The reversed six of wands indicates fear of an enemy, or the message to or from the same, and the three indicates help or assistance. It appears that someone considered Susan a threat because of information she had, and assistance was offered in putting an end to this perceived threat. The ace of pentacles reversed offeres us some background here. This is corruption, selfishness, and dishonestly......about money. Someone could not run the risk of the threat she and her knowledge posed to their financial wellbeing. The sun reversed follows this, telling us of a broken engagement or a voided contract. I think Susan may have told her husband that she wanted a divorce. The ten of wands reversed is a possible outcome, and it warns us that there is still treachery and lying in the picture. The World, reversed, is what happened. It's message is that Susan did not escape the marriage or her situation with Josh quickly enough.

The first card on the staff is the seven of cups, reversed. Unfortunately, the perpetrator here knew exactly what he was doing, every step of the way. The next card, describing environment, tells us why he did these things. It is the Knight of Swords, reversed, and this is a card of violence. The suit if swords also speaks of law enforcement at times, and I think Josh may begun to feel that they were closing in on him. As a location, swords would point west, and the knight would indicate rocky terrain, but this card is upside down. Perhaps there was indecision about location, as the perpetrator did have help. The next card is the four of swords, reversed. This speaks of renewed activity, or hopes of renewed activity. This card also point west, and tells not only of rocky terrain, but possibly old graveyards, churches, or possibly even a hotel or campground where someone might rest. Hotel or campground....very possible. Four of something. It's possible that clues will be found with unrelated renewed digging or activity.  The Page of Cups concludes this reading. This is usually a young person, but sometimes new information. I think in this case it is both, and that one of Susan's late sons had important information, but somehow, the message here is that the information is still valid, and with persistance, can still solve this case.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arrest In Lisa Irwin Case?

Some recently asked me to do a reading about whether or not there would be an arrest in the case of missing Lisa Irwin, who was reported missing from her Kansas City, Missouri home on Oct. 4, 2011. Lisa was ten months old at that time, she would be almost two years ol now. There have been no arrests, and the only solid clue in this case was a hit by a cadaver dog in the bedroom of the home where she went missing.

This begins with the Devil, crossed by the seven of cups. This is domination of matter over spirit, and it is crossed by too many different directions and vague stories. Someone has deliberately shifted the focus away from actually finding Lisa from the very beginning. For background, we get the four of cups, reversed, which is good news, as an answer to this question. It means that someone involved in the investigation is willing to take a new approach. Matters moving into the past here are represented by the six of pentacles, reversed, which speaks to dishonest dealings involving money, and money gotton through very questionable means. The six of wands appears as something that can happen, and this card refers to good news. It can also mean finding something that has been lost. Unfortunately, an element that is already very much a part of this situation is Justice, reversed. Not only has someone involved lied, but right now, the investigation is off balence. It seems there the effort to find Lisa has evaporated into an effort to prosecute one person, and ignore the accomplices and accomplices after the fact.

In the place of fears, we have the ace of wands. The ace of wands here represents Lisa being found, and the good news of justice being carried out, and we find it as a fear, so I am going to assume that this represents the mindset of the perpetrator. The next card, representing environment, is Death, reversed. Nothing has changed for Lisa. She has been in the same place for quite some time. As a hope, we have Strength. This tells us that the perpetrator is going to hold out as long as he/she can. And as a final outcome, we have the Page of Swords, reversed. This can be a person, possibly a "snitch", who is waiting for his or her own convenience to come forward, or it can be an unforseen event that is not favorable to the whoever last saw Lisa Irwin alive.

Sadly, I do not see an arrest in this reading anytime soon. The tarot is notorius for not giving the best time frames, but as the six of wands did appear as a possibility, perhaps about six months. Hopefully sooner....maybe six weeks.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lyle Stevik

On September 16,2001, in Grays Harbor, Washington, a young man who used the name Lyle Stevik hanged himself. He was found in his hotel room. Lyle Stevik is a name used for a character in a novel by Joyce Carol Oates. The number to call, if anyone has information, is 360-537-6319.

The question I put to the cards is, "who is this man, and where is he from?" This reading starts with the ten of wands crossed by the ace of cups. This young man was experiencing more than his fair share of burdens, and had obviously become impatient. Had he simply waited, the ace of cups indicates that while he may not have gotton better off materially, an important relationship would have had a new beginning. Beneath this, we have the High Priestess, reversed. This is a feminine influence; possibly a relationship that was only a fling for her, but serious for him. This is followed by the ace of wands, reversed, which is a false start, in this case, with the same relationship. A possible outcome would have been the four of cups, reversed, which is reconciliation, had "Lyle" lived. In what will come to be, we have the Queen of Wands, reversed. This is a mistrustful, overly dependant woman. She may be the only person who knows the current circumstances behind this case well enough to identify "Lyle".

 His secrets are represented by the three of wands, which would point south to tell us where he came from. His reason for travel was business, and it was probably international travel. In the place of friends and family, we have the two of wands, which tells me that someone, somewhere, is looking for him, but does not know where to look. Hopes and fears connected to this are represented by the seven of cups, which tells me that quite a few attempts to find this man have ended in false leads. The reading ends in the six of cups, which is a card of memories, often childhood memories. This gives us a clue about "Lyle's" state of mind when he died, and I also think he may have visited this part of the country at one point when he was a child, and that he had sentimental reasons for choosing Greys Harbor.