Thursday, June 28, 2012

Madeleine McCann

I got a request to do a reading for Madeleine McCann, the four year old girl who disappeared in 2007 in Portugal, while vacationing with her parents. I had intended to do a reading for her, anyway, so today is a good day for me to sit down and ask the cards. Below, there is a photo of her, along with an age progressed picture, since she would be nine years old if she were found today.

This reading begins with the six of pentacles crossed by Death. I can see two distinct but possibly coexistant messages here. First, pentacles relate to the element of Earth, and we have the six of pentacles, and as it is crossed by Death, this could mean that Madeleine is no longer with us, or "six feet under" somewhere. On an interpersonal and social level, the six of pentacles could mean that someone wanted something material from Madeleine's parents, and decided to threaten and use Madeleine in order to manipulate them.

As a base, we have the eight of cups reversed, which shows good times, but really nothing more. This fits in with the vacation the McCann's were taking when Madeleine disappeared. A person who is part of this event, but in the past, is the King of Swords, reversed. Court cards in the suit of swords are often law enforcement or lawyers or judges, and sometimes events involving legal matters. As he is reversed, he is not very well meaning toward the McCanns, and possibly not toward Madeleine, either. Because of the next two cards, I feel that he is an actual person who was involved in this. The very best thing the McCanns could have done on the day this happened was to go home looks as if someone threatened them or stalked them, and they did not take it seriously enough. This is indicated by the eight of wands as a possible outcome this could have had, but didn't. The next card, something that DID happen, is the five of swords, which is revenge.

In the place of secrets and introspection, we have the High Priestess, and in this position, she represents insight, but she is insight with which no one truly wishes to contend. Somehow, the truth is perceivable, but no one really wants to see it or think about it. In the place of environment, the nine of pentacles appears. This is a card of financial independence, and it is also the way the McCanns are perceived. There is an air of "they have money, let them solve their own problems" about this. The three of wands reversed follows this, representing an atmosphere where no one wanted to work with the McCanns to find Madeleine. The final card here is the ace of pentacles.

This all appears to revert to the upside down King of Swords. While I feel he is law enforcement, I also feel he knows what happened, and decided, early on, not to help. This king answers to corruption, and wanted to keep charging the McCanns more and more money in order to solve the case. Even then, it is doubtful that Madeleine would have been returned, and it would have been discovered that he did not do his job. No one expected this case to make world headlines, but it did. It really looks like the McCanns were targeted by an angry, jealous man who felt that they "owed him something" for some reason, and it also looks as if the police deliberately did not help or even truly investigate until it was too late. It sounds unusual, but that is what the cards tell me.

As for Madeleine's fate, I pulled two more cards. Those were Justice, and the six of wands, reversed. Sadly, I do not think any news we get of Madeleine will be that she is still with us, but somehow, some way, she will get justice. The Justice card was upright.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Joshua Davis

Some asked me to do a reading about a toddler named Joshua Davis, who disappeared from his home in Texas in February of 2011. No trace, no clues, and it has been almost a year and a half. I asked the Tarot what happened to Joshua and where he is.
The cards gave me the eight of swords, reversed, crossed by the Emperor as a basis. The eight of swords speaks of being trapped, often by matters relating to thought and word, rather than actual, physical imprisonment. This card is reversed here, and it seems to be telling us that someone was trapped, but is not trapped anymore. The Emperor crosses this. The Emperor is the "father" card in the deck, and he may very well represent Joshua's actual father. Sometimes the eight of swords represents being stuck or trapped in water, as a physical state, and this leads me to believe that perhaps Joshua's father rescued him from some water at some point immediately before he disappeared.

As a bit of background for this, the ace of cups, reversed, comes up. This card, when reversed, tells of deception, by way of making it look as if one is capable of great things when one is not, and it also tells of projects ruined shortly after they have been started. We also have the Magician in the background, and he is someone who actually does know what he is doing. The very best that could have been expected for Joshua is the Page of Cups, reversed, (this is the third negative reference to water, so far, in this reading) and this also augers miscarriages of everything from pregnancies to projects. Also sad, unfavorable messages and news. This is followed by Strength, which, in this case, means diplomacy and tact. Someone, quite likely the Magician, has advised the Emperor to remain diplomatic, yet not be terribly informative. This is not looking very good for young Joshua, yet it also does not look like deliberate violence. It looks like an accident involving water. Inasmuch as the Emporer is concerned, please remember that the Tarot cannot give me a name of a specific individual, so it is not possible for me to literally point fingers at anyone.

The five of pentacles is in the place of worries, and this relates directly to a fear that Joshua will, one day, be found. The place of environment give us the nine of cups, which, while being another cups/water card, is also a card of home and hearth. I do not think this little boy was ever very far from his home. And, because the nature of the nine of cups is all about home and home's comforts, it appears that family was on hand in the home at the time Joshua disappeared. In the place of hopes and fears, we have the nine of pentacles, reversed. There is some worry about finances involved in this picture, but it is possible that this is just a worry which has not materialized. As a final outcome, we have the King of Swords. His position here is interesting, because he does not match the rest of the reading, except that he ties in a bit with the reversed eight of swords. This king is often law enforcement or a lawyer or judge. As he is upside right, I really think he is interested in seeking justice for Joshua, and I also think he is concerned with whatever incident is represented by the eight of swords. More power to him.

It looks to me as if an accident involving water is responsible for this child's disappearance, and it also looks as if someone in the judicial system is still interested in getting to the truth.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Will It Take To Find Sierra Lamar

Sierra Lamar has been missing over three months. While there has been an arrest, and law enforcement seems certain that a case against the defendant, Antolin Torres, can proceed, and Sierra's twitter and facebook accounts have both been hacked, there has still been no indication of where Sierra actually was hidden. There have been several requests over the past few weeks for an updated reading for Sierra's case, and I have held off, feeling that the questions are still very much the same as when this started, and that there wasn't really anything new that divination could tell us, but in the presence of hackers who apparently know, have, or have guessed Sierra's passwords to her accounts, and who have given law enforcement false information, (I need a big frowny-face for this) I think there's a new reason to ask questions. this one more shot, my question is, are the police on the right track with suspect and location for Sierra?

The first three cards tell us about things that are in the past. These cards are the three of cups, the eight of pentacles, and the five of pentacles, reversed. The three of cups speaks of firndships and small celebrations and get-togethers.....but it can also tell us of an ending. Cups also relate to the element of water. The eight of pentacles is the card of the apprentice, and refers to workplaces. The five of pentacles reversed represents novel, and often illicit companionship. Looking at this, it would seem that the suspect may have first noticed Sierra at his job, and that he took an unhealthy interest in her. It looks, I repeat, LOOKS, as if the police are right on the money in their suspicions, with the exception of their statement that whoever took Sierra was not aquainted with her. So far, from this reading, we are being told that Sierra actually did at least know who the perpetrator is, even if she did not know him well.

The next three cards describe the present. They are the Knight of Wands, the six of wands, reversed, and the Tower, reversed. The Knight here is a man who is looking for Sierra. He is between the ages of twenty and forty-five. He may actually solve the case, somehow. A problem for him is the six of wands, reversed, which is delay and fear of an enemy who will "win". This card also relates to news, and because it is reversed, I think it is fair to say that the news being investigated is bad. That brings us to another problem for the Knight of Wands......he is a person who does not enjoy interpreting or delivering bad news, and he would love to have some good news, or at least some definate answers, to deliver. We also have the Tower, which is a card of destruction and ruin. A whole way of life can be changed when we see this card. Reversed, it means the same, but to a lesser degree, and with an added element of imprisonment. I cannot forget that the suspect is in jail right now, refusing to testify, so it looks, I repeat, LOOKS, as if the police are on the right track.

For the future, we get these three cards: the seven of cups, reversed; the Page of Swords, and the Devil, reversed. It is good to see the seven of cups reversed here. Upright, this card means that there are too many ideas and leads to investigate, and that the facts would be hard to nail down, but reversed, it means that investigators are finally narrowing down the clues into a framework that can be followed. Also, there's that "cups" and "water" symbolism again. The Page of Sword is often a troublemaker or a "spy", but here, I think this is someone who testifies, for whatever reason, and actually assists in finding Sierra. Once again, it really looks like more than one person knows where Sierra is. The Devil, reversed, is not only the male energy behind this crime, but a vacillation between resolution and indecision. It looks like law enforcement knows who the Page of Swords is, and is waiting for him to talk, and it also looks like water, may, indeed, be part of the mystery of location for Sierra.

The playful atmosphere described by the three of cups, and the methodical searching described by the reversed seven of cups makes me feel that the answer to whether or not law enforcement is on the right track concerning is searches is "yes".  I hope they succeed in finding her soon.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The McStay Family

February 4, 2010 was the last time Joseph McStay answered his cell phone, and no one has heard from him, his wife, Summer, or either of their two little boys since. When a family member went to their home in Bonsall, California, to check on them, he found no one home, with the exceptions of hungry pets. Someone asked me to do a reading about the McStay family, and here it is.

We start with the two of wands. This card speaks to opportunities and partnerships, usually within a business context. In this case, it would be a new idea, that had not yet gotton off the ground. It is crossed by the Moon. The Moon can sometimes mean dreams, or psychic ability, and it can also mean deception. Because of the nature of the question, and of the subject of the reading, I am going to go with the latter. So we have a great new business idea that will provide new opportunity with deception hanging in the air. As a base, we have the ace of pentacles, reversed. Upright, this is a great card to appear beside new business ventures, but reversed, it can indicate greed and corruption; and perhaps, finances falling through. In the McStay's disappearance, it may be telling us of both. Following this, the King of Cups appears, reversed. There are almost always lies associated with this king when he comes into a reading reversed, so we can assume that this is a corrupt and dishonest male in his early forties or older. As a possible connection to this situation, the Queen of Swords comes up, also reversed. She is a mean woman, also with a dishonest character. Not kindly disposed to the situation. It does not look as though there will be any changes or new information in the near future, as the six of swords comes up reversed in the place of things that will happen. Upside right, this is a card of travel, but reversed, it indicates that the McStays are somehow "stuck" wherever they are.

The six of wands appears in the place of fears, and as this is the card of heraldry and formal messages, along with victory, it gives an idea that someone connected to this is afraid of sending any messages home or to the general public. In the place of environment, we have the Knight of Wands, reversed. He is usually a jealous, rather violent, threatening male, between the ages of twenty-five and forty. He is somewhere in the general vicinity of the McStays, and knows where they are. Wands also point south, as they symbolize fire, which is south. So I would look for the McStays somewhere south of where they disappeared. The number of a knight is twelve, so it is possible that they are "twelve" to the south, or "six" over the border......lets not forget the reversed six of swords that came up earlier; perhaps they cannot move themselves "six" to the east, but they would like to! In the place of hopes and fears, we have the seven of wands, reversed, which is anxiety and indecision, so somehow, these two elements are playing a huge role. As a final outcome, the Chariot appears. This is a card of balence; it occasionally fortells travel, but in order for travel to take place, balence on some level must be achieved. There are two horses drawing a chariot on this card, and one is black, the other white. The message is that they both want to go different directions, and the charioteer must get them to work together and move the same direction.

Prior to doing this reading, I had thought the McStays might not be with us any longer, and while I may have been correct, this reading really looks like a very bad business deal with some shady twists and turns, rather than death. Hopefully, they will be found, and their family can know what has happened.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

One More Age Progression Of Kyron Horman

The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children has released another excellent age progressed picture of Kyron Horman. This one pictures him with no glasses. It is always my hope and prayer that I will turn on the news and see the story telling the world that Kyron has been found. He has been missing since June 4 of 2010, when he was seven years old; now he is nine. Until the day Kyron is found, it is important to keep his image where everyone can see it, and hopefully, recognize him.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Christopher Enoch Abeyta

The other day, someone asked me to do a reading about Christopher Enoch Abeyta, who disappeared from his crib in Colorado in July of 1986, when he was seven months old. His family has never given up the search for him, and The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children also has issed age progressed photos of him over the years. While searches for missing children have evloved over the years, there have still been virtually no clues found in this case, and this little boy was never found. Below, there is an age progressed picture of what he may look like, as an adult.
We start with the King of Swords, who is an older man with dark hair and light eyes. He is crossed by the ace of wands. The ace of wands is an opportunity which requires a lot of energy; many times, this card betokens a birth. It crosses the King of Swords, so I think it also eludes him. Below this, we have the Knight of Cups, as an event leading up to the disappearance of this child. Sometimes, this Knight will appear as a dishonest person, but in this case, I think the Knight represents the presence of fraud. Cups are water, and water is emotions, and this particular type of fraud is one that plays upon human emotions. Anytime I see a card in the suit of cups reversed, I also expect to see dishonesty. In the past, we have the Page of Pentacles, reversed. This is someone who is constantly in conflict with others, and also someone who seeks a lifestyle for which he or she is not entitled. There are also unlawful ways of making money somehow involved with the card, and the person represented. Someone else involved, who has not been detected, is the Queen of Wands. As she falls upright, she would be favorably disposed toward Christopher. The next card is the four of wands, which is a celebration of sorts. This card almost always fortells happiness, and sometimes marriage! It is a surprise to see it here!

On the staff, in the place of fears, we have the five of wands, reversed, which is games and deception taken to unimaginable levels. Someone had gained the trust of someone responsible for Christopher, only to betray. In the place of physical environment, we have the heirophant, reversed, which tells us that Christopher ended up somewhere or with someone unconventional and untraditional. A hope on the part of a key player here, is the seven of pentacles, reversed. This is someone who does not want the hard work of Christopher's family to ever pay off, resulting in the finding of Christopher. The final outcome is the Empress, which is the card of the mother. This is somehow in the hands of a "mother" type of person. This is the person who knows where to find Christopher. There is nothing to indicate that Christopher is no longer with us........also no cards of travel or relocation. I think he may still be in Colorado, or a neighboring state.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Skelton Brothers

Not too long ago, I got a request to do a reading for the three Skelton brother, Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner, who were not returned to their mother in Morenci, Michigan, after a visit with their father. Their father is in jail, and he refuses to discuss his sons' whereabouts with anyone. They disappeared over Thanksgiving of 2010. My question to the cards was "what happened to the Skelton Brothers, and where are they?"

The first two cards are the World, crossed by Death. This is rather ominous. They began what was supposed to be an exciting trip, and, in one of the rare incidents of actual death chronicles by the Tarot, apparantly died. I truly hope I have interpreted this incorrectly, but I don't think I have. For some background, we have been given the four of pentacles, reversed, which tells us that material losses, due to mistakes and extravagances on the part of the person experiencing the losses, played a role in this sad situation. The five of swords, reversed, tells us about deceit and a violent revenge of some sort. The best we can expect to find is the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. I think this speaks of an event, rather than a person in this reading, and I think we are being told that the boys will be found, very eventually, near or in a field that is not used anymore.....upright, this card is associated with plowed fields, since it came reversed, I am interpreting it as overgrown and unused fields. The Emporer is the next card, and as this is the "father" card, and the boys were with their father when they disappeared, I think the answers lie with the father.

In the mind of the person who did this, it was a way to express anger and keep a quarrel going. The three of swords tells us this. This was done to punish a former lover, the three boys were only collateral. We have the six of cups, which speaks of children, child friendships, and the past, telling us that these three boys were the most convenient way for the perpetrator to hurt the lover he so wanted to punish. The four of cups, reversed, in the place of hopes or fears, speaks of new relationships, and as it is a hope or fear, but not a reality, I think the perpetrator had a real problem with an ex moving on, to a new relationship. The reading ends with the Empress, or the "mother" card. So we have a picture of a father who wanted a relationship with a mother, and did not get what he wanted, and three boys used as pawns. How very sad.

Note: The six of cups appeared in the place of environment, and it may also have been telling us a little about location. Cups are water, which points us west, and the message may be "six to the west" of the father's home.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Petition To State Farm Insurance On Behalf Of Ayla Reynolds

As many have already heard, Justin Dipietro, the father of Ayla Reynolds, bought an insurance policy against Ayla from a friend who works for State Farm Insurance. Within Two weeks of that day, Ayla disappeared. She has not been seen since Decenber 16, 2011. A very good petition has been put together, to request that State Farm do a very thorough investigation before they pay Justin Dipietro anything at all for his missing daughter. Hopefully, everyone who reads this will look at the petition and sign it. Here is the link:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Age Progressed Picture Of Kyron Horman

Here is a professionally enhanced picture of how Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland, Oregon, exactly two years ago, might look today. He may or may not have glasses, and his hair might be longer.

How And When Will Ayla Reynolds Get Justice?

I promised to do a reading on this question of justice for Ayla Reynolds recently. As for what happened to Ayla, I do not think I can add productively to the other readings I have done. But I do think I can add this question, and hopefully interpret the message of the cards. Keep in mind that sometimes, time is a difficult item to measure in any type of divination. And often, Justice takes time, moving at it's own pace.

I changed the question a bit on this one. I was having problems getting a clear answer with the question about "Justice" appears that there are six individuals who know what happened to Ayla at this point in time, not just three. Rather than chase down the role and consequence each perp should face in a perfect justice system, I reshuffled, asking if this case would ever be resolved. Here is what I got: the two of swords, crossed by the three of cups. This message is clear; the two of swords represents stalemates, and that describes the Ayla Reynolds case quite well. The three of cups is resolution here, and it has been delayed. It is at odds with the two of swords. At the base of this, we have the Page of Swords, reversed. This individual has appeared in other readings I have done for Ayla, so I am not surprised to see him again. He is an accomplice, and he has assisted the person who is responsible for Ayla's disappearance. While he has done nothing but aid the cause of injustice, his achilles heel is lack of commitment. When he gets tired, or when the going gets tough, he will break, and not be a reliable ally for the perp anymore. Moving into the past, we have the King of Cups, reversed. This is a male with adult responsibilities and a bad character. Lies are also associated with this king when he falls reversed. Also look for scandals and double dealing. As a desired outcome, we have the Empress, which is the "mother" card. This simply tells us that the best resolution would be for the mother to get her answers. The three of wands offers some practical help with the person responsible and the accessories. This could be a new volunteer effort or an experienced search and rescue team who wants to help Ayla's mother.

The Hanged Man tells us what the status of Ayla's case is right now; it is in a state of suspense. Efforts to catch the responsible party have not lead to Ayla, and other sacrifices will have to be made in order to resolve this case. The Tower describes the atmosphere surrounding this case right now; somehow, resolution will involve the overthrow of old methods of solving crime, and someone's position that has somehow been used to cover this crime will be exposed. The seven of cups in the place of desire tells us that the perpetrator has "helped" this investigation scatter it's energies and resources in too many different directions. The reading ends with the five of cups, which tells us of loss and regret, but with something returned. It will not be a happy resolution, though. So sad.

There are four "water" cards, (cups) in this reading, and three more cards that contain water references. (two of swords, three of wands, and the Hanged Man) It seems that Ayla is probably still either in Waterville, or very close to it. While the Hanged Man could be trying to pull Ayla out of a stream as the current pushes her past him, I think the "currents" referenced here are human egos of those close to Ayla's paternal family. It is possible that the Hanged Man is attempting to pull more clues from the currents of conversation and "talk" in order to pull out the truth. I do not claim to know how it will happen, but the Tower fortells the truth coming out in way that brings down an institution, demanding reform.