Thursday, May 31, 2012

Michaela "Mickey" Shunick

On May 19, a twenty-two year old woman named Michaela, or "Mickey" Shunick was riding her bicycle home from a friend's house in the very early morning in Lafeyette, La., after celebrating her birthday. That was when she was last seen. I was hoping to hear she was found, but, sadly; only her bicycle was found, in the Atchafalaya River. I will do a reading, and see what the cards have to say.

The question I asked is "What happened to Mickey Shunick?" The cards began with the four of pentacles, reversed, crossed by temperance. This gives me a picture of someone who is suffering from material setbacks, and Temperance is the card that tell us why this person would be suffering from material setbacks: drug or alcohol abuse. So we should look for someone who abuses drugs or alcohol, and may be on probation for same. Beneath this, we see the five of pentacles. This not only discusses what the perpetrator's situation was/is, it gives us a possible location of a church or a place where people who are lonely or desperate gather. It also speaks to a possibility of romance gone wrong, which leads to the next card, telling us of a female influence in this: the High Priestess, reversed. Water is connected to the High Priestess as a location, and as a person in the past, I think she has a lot more to do with whoever made Mickey disappear than with Mickey. So far, this looks like a case of a rejected male, nursing his bruised and not-too-sober ego by taking out his sexual/romantic/relationship frustrations on an innocent victim. He is represented by the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. This is a careless type of guy, in his mid twenties or early thirties, (in this person's case, he could be as old as mid forties, yet still as emotionally immature as a younger man) who does not get along well with people and therefore has never made anything of himself. He is followed by the King of Swords, and as this King falls upright, I think it is safe to assume that he is part of law enforcement, and already has some good leads on finding Mickey. He is also looking across at the reversed High Priestess, so he may have reason to believe the water may hold the best clues.

In the place of secrets, we have the eight of wands, reversed. This is jealousy. A domestic dispute that did not have anything to do with Mickey had something to do with her disappearance. In the place of environment, Death, reversed, comes up. Mickey has, sadly, been in the same place ever since May 19. Since Death is reversed, I think there will be some delays in finding Mickey. As a location, this card would point north, and indicate open fields, and, since the horse is white, perhaps the vehicle involved in this was white. That is only a guess on my part, though. The King of Pentacles, reversed, appears as yet another male, either older or more accomplished than the first one, (both males here may have dark complexions and dark hair) who has a reason to believe that the Knight of Pentacles may have been involved in this. He has not come forward and spoken to law enforcement yet, but the perpetrator is worried that he might. A stalemate, the two of swords, has this case locked up and at a standstill right now. The element relating to swords is air, and as air rules oral and written words, testimony, and information, the message of this reading is that we need testimony from the King of Pentacles in order to completely solve this case.  The King of Swords is very good at his job, however; and I think he is on the right track in his water searches to find Mickey Shunick.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sierra Lamar And The Arrest On May 22

Now there has been an arrest in the case of missing Sierra Lamar. The sheriff in Santa Clara county, California thinks that this person is definately connected to Sierra's disappearance, and has had him under surveillance for at least several weeks. She was hoping that his comings and goings would lead to Sierra's whereabouts, or at least yield clues, but we still have not found Sierra. There have been some requests for another reading about this, and I have asked the cards if this arrest has brought us any closer to solving this crime.

This reading starts with the four of cups crossed by the Moon. The four of cups gives us an air of ingratitude somewhere in this picture, and while the Moon can often mean psychism and vision, it can also mean deceit. In this reading, it appears to mean the latter. The truth simply isn't good enough for someone, or will not work out the way he/she would wish, so deception is employed, instead. We have this based by the Knight of Swords. This is a quick, sudden event that may have included violence and definately included geographic movement. The five of pentacles, reversed, fades into the background, taking with it an opportunity to get at the truth. Something that may still happen is the eight of cups, reversed. Upright, this card woud tell us about someone who had gotton his wish, but then changed his mind, Reversed, it means getting one's wish, but at the expense of wisdom and spirituality. It seems to be telling us of someone who may get what he/she wants, but is not yet mature enough for it. Something that will happen is the four of wands, reversed. Perhaps this arrest will help solve the case, but glory and happiness of the four of wands upright, (it is a card of celebrations) will be tarnished, as it falls reversed.

The Page of Cups falls in the place of fears. This can mean news involving a young person or a child, which, of course, everyone wants here. As it falls in the place of fears and negative emotions, I think the truth about what happened to Sierra will still be hard to elicit. The next card is very important in this reading: in the place of environment, as in what is going on NOW, we have the ten of wands, reversed. This tells of duplicity and treachery. It also does not bode well for legal matters. Upright this card speaks of working toward a goal and barely making it, or somehow abusing power and resources, but reversed, it is lies and separation. It is quite possible that in the wake of this arrest, more evidence is being corrupted or destroyed. The nine of pentacles appears in the place of hopes, which is independence and financial well being. Somehow, that is on the mind of the perpetrator. The reading concludes with the World, reversed. This is not a good card for the outcome, as it speaks to a slow resolution in this case, rather than a quick one.

It does not appear that we will get the answers we need from the defendant in the arrest, but I could not help but notice the presence of two fours in this reading. In Taoism, four is the number of family, and wood is it's element. I still think that Sierra did not travel too far away from her family's home, and I also think it is time to start questioning everyone who knows Antonlin Garcia Torres, the defendant who is now charged. Water is still an element somehow, because the Moon appeared, and part of the deception is making it appear that Sierra is "nowhere in the world". Ten of wands: that card points south, but here, it falls reversed. It could be telling us that Sierra backtracked, or that she really didn't go anywhere at all. I wish I had more positive things to say about this. And I hope she is found today.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updated Tarot Question For Sierra Lamar

Some asked me to do another update for Sierra Lamar, who went missing in March. While I do not think much has changed since the initial reading and update, I decided to try one more reading, just honing in on Sierra's location. So far, it does not appear that any of the so-called clues or testimony has been helpful; in fact, it looks as if law enforcement may have been deliberately guided to the wrong track from the beginning.

We begin with Judgement reversed crossed by the Star. This means that someone is deliberately attempting to cheat the judicial system. Judgement also sometimes means fear of death. The Star means hope and courage, and as it crosses the problem now experienced by those searching for Sierra, I think we can safely say that someone is deliberately keeping any valuable information about Sierra away from those who could bring her home. The Wheel of Fortune is in the background here, and this is the opportunity that someone had to make Sierra disappear in the first place. Someone had wanted to remove Sierra for some time, and had finally found a way to step up his/her game and make it happen. The seven of cups fades into the past here, and this is a card of illusions. Because we have seen Judgement reversed already, the message is that the illusions were deliberately placed. The eight of swords reversed is something that could happen. This means that this charade can come to an end soon and that Sierra can be found. A possible location described by this card is drainage ponds and runoff. I hate to think of septic systems, but that, too. This is followed by the three of cups, which is the end of something, and also an excess of food or alcoholic beverages. Upright, this card would speak of reasons to celebrate. Reversed, it is telling us, in this case, that something that used to be anticpated is now cooling down, so to speak. As a location, it tells of a place where celebrations may have been held, but not in a long time. Mild disrepair.

The five of pentacles describes the mindset of the person(s) who knows where Sierra can be found. Money is on this person's mind, and budgeting money has become somewhat of a problem. Help is not as available as it would be if this person were not hiding something, and this person cannot afford to be open and honest because he/she is hiding a crime. The Knight of Pentacles, reversed, comes up in the environment. This is a lazy, dependant, good-for-nothing type of male and he may have dark hair and brown eyes. He is not one of Sierra's agemates; he is an adult. The Knight of Swords, reversed, comes up in the place of hopes or fears, and I think this describes the event surrounding Sierra's disappearance and the feelings of the Knight of Pentacles. Reversed, this is a card of violence. The last card is the three of pentacles, reversed. This takes us back to the five of pentacles, in the Knight's worries. It is a card of mediocrity in the workplace, and may tell us of someone who is either not working when he should be, or is having problems at work. Somehow, this is tied to Sierra's disappearance and current location enough to show up in a reading.

Back to Judgement crossed by the Star. This perpetrator has had some help in hiding Sierra, and the Star is the hope these people have of blocking any new beginnings. I am hoping they do not get away with it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who Has Kyron Blocked And Hidden?

I guess it seems like an obvious question. Kyron Horman, who went missing on June 4, 2010, was the victim of a crime, so of course, the person who committed the crime will make the best attempt he or she can to escape detection. But it seems as if a lot of planning and skill went into this crime, more than what is usually found with a random "stranger abduction". This has also inspired a few people to wonder if some sort of esoteric means has been used to hide Kyron. It is a question that has actually been posed to me quite a few times over the past year and a half. (!!!........Kyron has been missing waaaaaay too long!)

I did a reading to deal with this question. It begins with the Hierophant, reversed, crossed by the three of swords. When the Hierophant falls reversed, he often represents things that occur outside of the norm, and counterculture lifestyles. Elements of this are somehow present in the current situation; as if someone simply refuses to live life the same way everyone else does. This is blanketed by the three of swords, which is a card of strife and infighting. Somehow, these two dynamics have helped to keep Kyron hidden better then any other type of effort. A failure on someone's part to follow directions and an effort to keep sparks of discord going have worked marvelously so far for the perpetrator.

This is founded by the eight of cups. This card usually appears when someone has gotton what he wanted and changed his mind, but since the question deals with ways that Kyron has been blocked from being found, I think this card is telling us that investigators were deliberately sent in the wrong direction in the past and, as a result, found nothing. In the past, we have the Page of Swords, reversed, and this person is a double dealer and a liar who knows what happened to Kyron and has deliberately used communication, either electronic or in person, to pervert justice. The very best thing that can happen is the eight of swords, reversed, which is a release from being trapped. This is also the second eight that has come up; the message here, as it relates to the first eight that reminded us that Kyron has not been found, is that we should not give up. If the best that can happen is for Kyron to be freed, we should certainly keep looking for him. The next card we get is Justice, reversed. This relates directly to the Page of Swords, and the Page is not about to tell the truth or do anything for Kyron.

In the place of feelings and fears, the Emperor has shown up. He is a fatherly figure, and as he is upside right, I am going to assume he has Kyron's best interests at heart and in mind. The environment of this matter gives us the three of pentacles, reversed. Usaully, this card speaks of mediocrity in the workplace, but here, I think it is telling us that someone has capitalized from searchers and investigators failing to ask the right questions. The Emperor is hoping for a day when the tables are turned, as related to us by the Tower, and the lies that keep Kyron trapped come tumbling down. The last card is the Hermit, who is still vested in helping the Emperor. His advice is to keep looking. Never give up. The Hermit is a little like Diogenes, looking for an honest man. He, or she, as the case may be, will not allow the Emperor to stop looking for Kyron until Kyron has been found.

Nothing in this reading tells me of an esoteric block, but I think natural fear and paranoia has generated one. The presence of a reversed Page of Swords does tell me that deliberate attempts have been made by someone other than the perpetrator to keep Kyron well hidden. This person is not schooled in matters occult, however; and is relying on the ability to sow discord and keep key people from trusting each other, rather than any other "powers".

Note: Sometimes fear, and people who are good at scaring others, can almost feel like a psychic "block". I think there is an element of this at work in Kyron's case.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Caleigh Harrison

Caleigh Harrison disappeared from Rockport Beach in Massachusetts on Friday, April 19. Her mother said she turned her back for just a minute, and never saw her daughter again. The search has been called off, and no one has found this little girl. In the past several days, Caleigh's four year old sister has spoken of a man she didn't know, and stating that he took Caleigh, but she did not mention this immediately after the incident. So we will see what the cards have to say.

We start with the seven of swords, reversed. Upright, this is a card of theft, and taking what does not belong to one, but reversed, it is quite the opposite. This crossed by Temperance. Temperance is associated with water, and we know that Caleigh disappeared at the beach. Temperance also signifies good combinations and compatibility, and as it crosses the message of good council and keeping what belongs to one, I find myself wondering if this child was truly kidnapped. The seven of wands, reversed, comes up in the background. Upright, this card would tell us that someone was either guarding a sercret or a place, and playing strategically with information, but reversed, it is telling us that the proper searches have taken place, and that the appropriate warrents have been served. The Knight of pentacles reversed is attempting to fade into the background. The search has stalled, with no results. He is also a lazy, rather dishonest male presence.

Strength appears as the best that can come from this, and I think this card is urging everyone involved not to give up just yet. This card is followed by the King of Swords. This king is often a police officer, lawyer, or judge. I am going to guess that he is law enforcement, since I see him looking at the reversed Knight of Pentacles for clues. In the place of secrets, the Knight of Swords appears. He is also law enforement, but with a more aggresive manner that the King. A serious problem that needs to be overcome is the seven of cups, (this is the third seven in this reading) and this is illusions and possible deception. Too many different ideas have been presented, and possibilities have not been efficiently narrowed down. Another problem is the Queen of Cups, reversed. This is a dishonest, twisted person who does not have Caleigh's best interest at heart. Her relationship to Caleigh is not clear, however. The last card is the eight of wands, reversed. Finding this little girl is going be be very hard, step by step, routine detective work, There will be no "miracles" per se. Two people, a male and a female, know where Caleigh is, and have not told the truth.

The seven of cups is also a bit of a description of where Caleigh is likely to be found. She has not traveled too far from the beach from which she disappeared, perhaps "seven" to the west. I strongly suspect that she is disguised, somehow. Perhaps some pictures of how she would look dressed as a boy, or with a hat covering her hair, could be circulated.