Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whereabouts For Sierra Lamar

There have been a couple of requests for an update concerning missing Sierra Lamar. I think the other readings that I have done give us a basic outline of what has happened, so I will attempt an update, focusing on where and how she might be found.

This reading gives me the Lovers crossed by the Page of Swords as a beginning. There are two people with direct knowledge of Sierra'a whereabouts. The Page of Swords lends an element of spying and mistrust to the relationship between these two individuals; they are each a little afraid of getting thrown under the bus, so to speak, by the other. As a cause for this, the Knight of Swords, reversed, tells us that Sierra did, indeed, incur violence. Reversed, this Knight is often and violent and dangerous person. Occasionally, this card will even refer to fatal violence. As an influence trying to recede into the past, we get the Empress, reversed. Upright, this is the card of the Mother; reversed, she is maternal instinct gone awry. Already, this does not look promising.

The very best thing that can be done by either of these either of these accomplices is the five of cups, reversed. This is a suggestion that Sierra be returned. Given back to whomever may care for her. The King of Pentacles is on the horizen as a forthcoming event, and I think he is the one who will finally solve this matter. In the place of secrets, we have the Hanged Man, reversed. This is a sad statement for the state of this affair, since it tells us that those who should be making the sacrifices required for Sierra are not. The ace of wands appears in the place of environs. Fire is the element that refers to wands in the Tarot, perhaps fire was involved in the coverup of evidence. Also, it could mean that Sierra is "one" to the south, or being that the card is "one", perhaps she has not traveled off of the property of her home at all. Another search of the property where she lives, and the neighboring property or house on each side,("one" away) and in front and in back, could be helpful and yield clues. The eight of cups reversed comes up in the place of hopes or fears; this is the hope of someone that he/she/they will get away with a crime.

The last card is the Magician, reversed. This is an abuse of power. From this reading, I would be inclined to search the favored "hangouts", or "stops along the daily route" of the older (older than Sierra) male closest to Sierra with any type of authority over her.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mercedes Celis

Another missing child! Six year old Mercedes Celis was last seen at her home in Tuscon, Arizonz, at 11:00 PM Friday night, and had disappeared by 8:00 AM Saturday morning. Local police, the FBI, and Federal Marshalls are involved in the search. No clues or sign of this little girl have been found. Here is the comment of the Tarot:

The reading starts with the ten of cups, reversed, showing the disruption of the rhythem of Mercedes's family. The is crossed by the two of pentacles. The two of pentacles seems to be making appearences in the readings of many missing childrens' cases lately. It tells of either putting on a brave face for the general public, or of putting on a brave face and putting a different spin on a matter, or not disclosing all the facts. It is a little unsettling to see this in the basis of the matter in a reading about a missing child. As an event in the past leading up to Mercedes's disappearance, we have the Knight of Cups, reversed. As an event, this knight would simply tell us that Mercedes is not far away, and didn't really travel too far, but I think he may also be an actual person in this scenario. He would be a young adult man connected to Mercedes's family or extended family. The event that is easing it's way into the past is the ace of cups, reversed, which tells of sad news related familial matters, children, love, and emotions. I think the family had become aware of something quite sad before this little girl went missing. Someone who is watching matters unfold does, indeed, know what happened to Mercedes, and the best thing that person can do is represented by the eight of swords, reversed. Swords relate to air, which represents information via spoken or written words, and the eight of swords is a  card of bondage. Reversed, it fortells freedom from bondage, and if the person who knows something about this speaks now, the results will not be nearly as bad as they will be if the truth comes out as the results of investigation. Someone who wants to find Mercedes and will do anything to help her is the King of Cups. He falls upright, and cares very much about what happens to Mercedes.

The Queen of Cups, reversed, falls in the place of secrets. This woman is keeping something from the investigation. The ten of pentacles, reversed, is in the place of environment, and it looks as if the fear of financial loss is somehow driving this matter. In the place of hopes, we have the seven of cups, which, in this particular reading, is clearly delusion. Mercedes's family will never be the same after this incident. The reading ends with the five of wands, reversed. The five of wands is a card of trickery and deception, but here it is reversed, showing us that someone actually knows what happened to this little girl, and still has a chance to come forward with information.

Sadly, I do not see much from Mercedes, herself, in the future. That disturbs me, but I will come back to this if she is not found. There are three people I see here as active parts, two men and a woman. But one of the men, the King of Cups, is more of a bystander or a "victim after the fact" than a culpable accomplice.

Update: a couple of points about this reading that I did not emphasize, but which bear emphasis: there has been some speculation that Isabel Mercedes's older brothers may have been involved. While the reading indicated that a younger male WAS involved, the male is still an ADULT, not a child. I do not think either of Isabel's brothers showed up in the reading. Everyone involved in this was an adult. Also, this is not going to make me the most popular tarot reader of the year, but that ten of cups at the beginning of the reading screams of matters pertaining to family.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tarot On Etan Kalil Patz

On May 25, 1979, six year old Etan Kalil Patz disappeared while walking to the bus stop to go to school in Manhattan, New York. After reluctantly allowing Etan to walk to the bus stop by himself, his mother, Julie Patz, was unaware that Etan never made it to school until that afternoon, when he was not on the bus to come home. This resulted in one of the biggest missing child searches of all time, and Etan was the first child whose picture graced a milk carton. Etan was declared dead in 2001, and despite the presence of a possible suspect, was never found. The case became active again about two years ago, and new searches are in progress now.

We start with the two of wands, reversed, crossed by the six of wands. The two of wands is a card that tells of partners and joint efforts, so I am going to assume that there are two accomplices here, rather than just one. It is crossed by the six of wands, and as the six of wands is affirmative news, I think the message is clear: someone, during all these years, has deliberately kept the secret of what happened to this boy, and still does not want the location known. As a cause for the situation, we have Death, and I think this is one of the rare cases wherein the Tarot speaks literally of physical death. Usually, the Death card in a reading refers to a life-changing and often beneficial change, but this time, I think the face value of the card is the message. The next card, describing circumstances past, is the Emporer, reversed. This is a man, in an authority, or "fatherly" relationship or position to Etan, and as he is reversed, he is not kindly disposed toward Etan. He is also the perpetrator. The very best that can come of this today is the ten of cups. Usually, this card refers to a happy family situation, but here it tells us that Etan's family would like to simply know what happened, and have closure. Ten is the number of completion.The Sun follows this as something that will happen, so I think the Patz's will eventually get their answers.

The accomplice, or accomplice after the fact, may be a woman, but the reading is not very clear about the person's gender. The concerns that were running through the perpetrator's mind are represented by the two of cups, which indicates a relationship or liason that the perpetrator wanted to keep hidden. This could either be a business or a romantic relationship. Etan and his innocence is represented by the six of cups; could he have seen something that someone else did not want publicly known? Six.....that was his age when he went missing. It is how the world  sees a six year old. The card representing the perp(s) is followed by the card representing Etan and what Etan saw or thought.

A fear the perpetrator has concerning this is balence of different aspects of his life. Somehow, there has always been a possibility that his secret was not safe, and he still worries. This is the two of pentacles, yet another "two". It also shows worries about communications between two people, and the duty of "putting on airs", or "pretending": lying and covering up something. The final outcome is the seven of pentacles. This does not tell me if Etan will be found where investigators are currently digging, although digging is, indeed, an activity related to this card. It does tell me that their hard work is very likely to pay off. The seven of pentacles is a card of successful harvest. 

An interesting pattern in this reading is the presence of two "two's" followed by two "six's". Two and six are somehow key numbers here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Help With Ayla's Whereabouts

I have had a lot of requests in the past week for a reading that might detail the whereabouts of Ayla Reynolds a bit more specifically.  Most of the readings I have done so far have answered "who" and "how", rather than "where". In a case that eventually turns up a living victim, the reason for this is no great mystery, as someone who is alive will obviously not consistantly remain in the same spot. Another reason why "where" can often be a difficult question for divination to tackle is explained by T. Raphael Simons in his book, Feng Shui Step By Step, very clearly: it is often difficult for someone who is not familiar with the surroundings of a person, object, or situation to know exactly what to ask, hone in on, or recognize in the answer to a divinatory question. He refers to this as one of the seven obstacles to divination, and more can be learned about this in Chapter 25 of Feng Shui Step By Step.  That said, I will attempt the question, and hopefully my limited knowledge of the terrian in Maine (too cold!) will not prove too much of an obstacle. Ayla has been missing way too long.

This begins with the World, reversed. Wherever Ayla is, she is stationary, and not moving from place to place. The World is crossed by the Page of Swords, which tells me that an accomplice is watching this spot. I do not think it is the perpetrator; I think it is someone who is trying to help the perpetrator ellude justice. This person has also done much to steer the investigation in the wrong direction. As an issue founding this situation, we have the five of cups, reversed. This is a return of a loved on or a friend, and I think this card refers to Ayla's move into her father's home. Reiterating this is the ace of wands, in the recent past, telling us of what SHOULD have been a joyful opportunity for Ayla's paternal family to get to know Ayla. The two of swords reversed is the best that was ever to come from this situation,, and this tells of an ended stalemate of sorts with events happeneing in the wrong sequences or matters simply getting out of hand. The next card is the two of wands, reversed, which tells us that there are at least two individuals who know what happened to Ayla, and as the card falls reversed, they are unwilling to cooperate with the goal of bringing Ayla home.

In the place of fears....fears of the accomplice described by the Page of Wands and of the others involved, we have the Jusctice card. I think that speaks for itself! The general environment for Ayla, herself, is the seven of wands, which is somewhere that is somewhat guarded and off limits to the public and investigators without a search warrent. A person who knows the situation is somehow stalling the investigation by disallowing the searches that would locate Ayla. Possibly private property or home, shed, or lawn that either has not been searched or has not been searched very well.

The next card, in the place of hopes, is the ace of cups. The perpetrator is not only hoping for a new beginning after the investigation is over, but as water is the element of cups, I think this person wants authorities to keep looking for Ayla in water! The final outcome is the Fool, who wants us to know that while the secret of Ayla's whereabouts is owned by the person(s) who hid Ayla, the outcome is owned by chance, and it is very likely by some unavoidable chance that Ayla is found.

One more thought about the two of wands reversed: this can also be a card of one person forcefully dominating another, and it gives us a clue about what happened to Ayla. The person she was with before she went missing is someone who is known for bullying and should never have contact with children again.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Updated Reading For Baby Kate Phillips

A reader requested an update for the reading I did for Kate Phillips, a baby who was last seen on June 29 of last year with Sean Phillips, her father. Ariel Courtland, Kate's mother, and law enforcement in Michigan, have been searching ever since. The father is charged in Kate's disappearance, and as of yet, she has not been found. Sean's court date is later this month. The question I asked was "where is Kate?"

This begins with the King of Pentacles, crossed by Death. A major change is unavoidable, no matter what the King of Pentacles does. Along with change, Death also points north. This is founded by Strength, reversed. This was the not-so-bright move made by Kate's father when he took her away in the first place. The Wheel of Fortune reversed is the situation from a past perspective, which simply illustrates the mother's powerlessness once she allowed her daughter's father to have control. The best we can expect from him is the Hanged Man, reversed. This is someone who is unteachable and unwilling to make any sacrifices. I do not expect him to reveal his daughter's location in court, either, unless someone can make him feel very threatened by consequences. The next card is the three of cups, which may give us some good news.......perhaps Kate will be found. Cups are water, and water's direction is west, so a possibility, since thirteen is the number of the Death card, could be "thirteen to the north" and "three to the west". A small body of water is also a possibility. The word "white" as in "white line" or "white rose" keep coming up.

The three of pentacles is in the place of fears. This is the card of the craftsman. It is followed by the nine of pentacles, which is a card of independence, and sometimes, of home and gardens. Is there someone who gardens or landscapes for a living in this picture? Also, I think this is telling us that someone who lived with Sean at the time Kate disappeared knows Kate's whereabouts. The card of hopes is the King of Swords, reversed. This is the advice Sean has received from his attorney....not in the interest of finding Kate. He's been told not to offer any information. And the last card is the Empress, reversed. It could be Kate's mother, but I think it is another card describing Sean's surroundings before his arrest; in other words, the Empress is someone who lived with Sean prior to this, and that she knows where the baby is, too.

This does not look encouraging. Hopefully, there will be an update in this case from Michigan soon.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Samantha Koenig Found

Samantha Koenig was found yesterday. She was found in a lake in Anchorage, Alaska. The cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ava Enlow Found!

Yes! It's really true! Ava Enlow, of this reading, was found today! Her dad was arrested in Mexico, and she is en route back to Arizona, to her mom. The dad's mother was also on Nancy Grace tonight, stating that she knew her son was in Mexico, after stating a month ago, on the same show, that she did NOT know where her son was, and begging the general public for a lawyer for him! She should really just shut up. Since this is now a criminal case, not just a family law court case, he will be appointed a public defender if he cannot afford representation. There are certainly enough innocent people out there who need legal assistance and can't afford it; why should her son, who knowingly committed a terrible crime get a break? She's got a lot of nerve!

I am so happy to post that Ava is no longer missing.