Friday, March 30, 2012

Devon Davis

Just on Tuesday, two year old Devon Davis disappeared from his parents' new home in Liberty County,  Texas. He is now the subject of an Amber Alert. I find the Amber Alert curious, as I have not been able to find any description of a vehicle that may have been involved, so I did a reading. I should add, earlier, I pulled just one card, asking for some sort of direction about this matter, and it was the Empress, reversed. The Empress is the ultimate mother/wife, and reversed, she represents a woman who either has not, or cannot, master those ideals. I already do not like the direction.

For the basis, or the cross, the Queen of Swords is crossed by the King of Swords. An intelligent woman and an intelligent man together provided a home for Devon. They are both somewhat better educated that others in the area where Devon went missing, and both may have had careers before moving to Texas. This is founded by the three of swords, which represents thinking over feeling, often at the expense of things that one or more parties in a disagreement hold dear. I am going to conclude, for now, that one or both of them had misgivings about moving to Texas from Virginia, and that they had clashed over it. The next card, describing that which is moving into the past, is the eight of wands. This is a great card for infatuation, and for finding things that are fun, but it tells us of things that simply happen too fast, and of too much excitement. There was too much "good stress", along with bad, for someone involved. The five of pentacles, reversed, appears in the place of things that can happen, but have not happened yet. This can mean the return of a loved one or a friend, and I would like to hope it means the return of Devon. It can also tell us of lovers not having a place to meet. I hope that was not an issue with the move to Texas. The card of things that will happen is the ace of wands, reversed. This tells us that there will be setbacks in finding little Devon.

The card that falls in the place of Devon's feelings and the feelings of those closest to him is the five of cups, reversed. Upright, it means regret and loss, but reversed, it means hope, and once again, the return of a friend or loved one. I will take that as a good sign. I hope this is a hope fulfilled by Devon coming home unharmed. The next card, in the place of surroundings and family, is the Emporer, reversed. Like the Empress, he is the perfect parent or spouse, but reversed, he is the negative aspect; the person who has the responsibility but not the ability. Somehow, he figures into this, just like his counterpart, the reversed Empress does. The ten of wands is in the place of hopes, (in this case, I would day the Emporer's) and this means that he wants to conclude this whole matter, solved or not. In the final outcome, we have a new character, the Queen of Cups. She is intuitive, caring, and as she appears upright, kindly disposed toward Devon and very serious about finding him.

More thoughts on this reading: the reversed ace of wands in the place of things that will could refer to a key time of day, such as 1:00 in the afternoon, (wands are fire, and the Sun is also connected to fire symbolism) and it could also mean that the move from Virginia was a false start. There are also more adults with active parts in this matter than any of the reports I have read about this. I also do not see a vehicle playing a major role here. The reference to Swords in the beginning of the reading could also be telling us to look East, as that is Air's, and Swords's direction. But I think it is telling us to look at specific people who are either from an eastward direction or in an eastward direction. If Devon is not found soon, I will try to follow this up with more specific questions.

Update: This little guy was found today, March 31, in a lake. He appears to have drowned. No one knows how he got to the lake yet. Rest in peace, Devon.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sierra Lamar Update

It's been over a week, and Sierra Lamar, who disappeared intead of getting on the school bus in Freemont, California, and making it to school last Friday, has still not been found. Quite a few people have asked for an update, and I thought about it decided that the best question to ask at this point is "how can Sierra be found?"

This starts with Strength crossed by the Queen of Wands. We have a woman diligently looking for Sierra, who is represented by Strength. This is gives me hope that there is still time to find her. Some very interesting background about what has happened is the Lovers, reversed. I am very inclined to interpret this, as the Lovers not only literally means "lovers", but choices, as a bad choice that Sierra, herself, made. I also think romance was part of the picture, so I think asking everyone who had a romantic interest in Sierra, no matter how old or young, would be a good place to start. The card representing past causes is Judgement, reversed, affirming that Sierra used bad judgement on this occasion. In possible outcomes, we get the Queen of Pentacles, reversed. This is a selfish woman who does not have Sierra's best interests at heart; I am not quite sure how she fits into the picture just yet. Something that will happen is the ten of pentacles, reversed. The ten of pentacles is an inheritance or a financial gift, and it looks like resources will be spent in many avenues, not all of them fruitful in producing clues, before Sierra is found. So.......we have a message so far that this involves romantic interests, and that the clues had by law enforcement so far may not be the best. An upside down court card, such as this reversed Queen of Pentacles, is often a deliberate attempt at deceit, and I feel that the clues that have been left were left in a way to throw off the investigation. Which really means that questioning Sierra's friends about every, single thing they can all remember and going to every single place she has been for the several months is the best way to proceed. It looks, also, like the Queen of Wands is already beginning to do this.

The first card on the staff is the nine of pentacles, reversed. Upright, this card is resourceful independance. Because the card is reversed, I am going to say that in order to find out who has sustained an unhealthy interest in Sierra, law enforcement will really have to dig deep into more than one person's personal affairs. Also, I think the reversal of this card is telling us that search warrents will be hard to obtain in this case. The next card, describing the environment, is the King of Wands, reversed. This is likely to be an actual person in Sierra's surroundings, and upright he is a married, decent and faithful kind of man. As he falls reversed, I will have to say that while he is still possibly married, he may be separated or divorced, or have been married multiple times. I would expect him to be insecure, hence his interest in teenage girls, and significantly older than Sierra. Also, his reversal tells me that he is not honest, so law enforcement will have to really dig into Sierra's emails and statements from her friends about EVERYONE she has mentioned in order to find him. The next card, in the place of hopes, is the Hanged Man, and as he falls upright, this is a card of sacrifice. The Queen of Wands is willing to make many sacrifices to find Sierra. The final outcome is the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. This is someone who is slowing down the investigation deliberately. He is younger than the King of Wands, and is the one who has been leaving Sierra's personal effects about for others to find. The persistance of the Queen of Wands can win here, if she refuses to give up. Sleuthing through Sierra's past is the best way to find her at this point.

One more thought on this: The reversed Queen of Pentacles could very well be an accomplice or an accessory after the fact, and her actions could be what is represented by the reversed Knight of Pentacles.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Happened To Lisa Irwin Before She Disappeared?

Lisa Irwin, the little girl who was reported missing on October 4, 2011, and who has not been found. The entire Midwest would love to hear some positive news about her whereabouts, and over the weekend, a question came to this blog wanting the Tarot to reveal whether little Lisa is dead or alive. Sometimes, this is a difficult question for the Tarot to answer, as Lisa can, indeed, be deceased, yet still exist somewhere, going about her karma, rebirth, growth, and maturity on another plane. Anyone with a belief in reincarnation, yet getting the message that this little girl is alive, would have to determine whether she is alive as Lisa Irwin, or has moved on and been reborn. I will put the question to the Tarot, and see what I get. The way I have decided to ask this question is: what, exactly, happened to Lisa Irwin before she went missing, and did it cause her to go missing?

The reading starts with Strength crossed by the six of wands. Strength is Spirit overcoming physical matter. The six of wands is victory, and success after overcoming adversities and odds. This, I believe, refers to Lisa's birth in a blended family that had a certain number of challenges. Her birth was welcomed and considered a blessing. The ace of pentacles founds this. There was also an opportunity to become materially better off, for this family. And this appears to be the end of the good news. In events that passed recently before Lisa's disappearance, the cards give us the ten of wands, reversed. This is an abuse of power. The card is followed by the eight of wands, reversed, which tells of jealousy. Upside right, this card is a card of miracles, passion, and impossible dreams coming true, reversed, it is jealousy; almost wanting to send away that which was once a blessing. Next, we see the three of cups, reversed. This is an excess of physical enjoyment. This card appears in the readings of practicing alcoholics and addicts quite often. As Lisa was not old enough to abuse drugs or drink, I can only conclude that it refers to the actions of those around her.

The staff begins with the eight of cups. Here, we have someone who wanted something, got it, but then was not happy with it. It could mean two different things, here. It could mean that Lisa's parents were not as happy with parenting as they thought they would be, and found a way to stop parenting, or it could mean that Lisa's spirit was not satisfied with her surroundings here in this life, and decided not to stay. My personal opinion is that it means both, but; of course, proving it would require the recovery of Lisa. The card that came up describing Lisa's surroundings is Justice, reversed. This simply means that justice has not been done, and someone has deliberately perverted justice and derailed it. In my experience, this card does not describe accidental injustice, but deliberate. The next card, in the place of hopes, is the King of Pentacles, only he is reversed, so he is not someone who is kindly disposed toward Justice, or any justice for Lisa. The final outcome is the four of wands, which is a card of refuge, harvest, and perfected work, and I think that is the desire of the reversed King, here.

To sum this up, it does not look to me as if Lisa is still with us physically, but as I tell everyone who tells me otherwise, I hope I am wrong. Four cards here were from the suit of wands, which goes hand in hand with fire, and I think fire may have played a direct role in the destruction of evidence, whether Lisa is alive or not, and two cards were from the suit of cups, which is water. Fire is that spark of passion we call Life, and water nourishes it, only the water in this reading was reversed. Water can also drown Life. But there are no cards of violence, so if Lisa is deceased, it was not a violent death. The four of wands, in most Tarot decks, has a picture of a couple dancing at a fair or in a garden, and it may be telling us where Lisa can be found.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sierra Lamar

Sierra Lamar disappeared, instead of boarding the bus to go to school, one day last week. Her cell phone was found yesterday in a nearby field, but no Sierra. Her scent, and known whereabouts, go cold at the end of her driveway, where she should have gotton on the bus. I will see what the cards can tell me.

The Celtic Cross begins with the Devil, reversed, crossed by the nine of swords. The Devil represents masculine energy, and masculine entrapment of some sort, and the nine of wands represents apprehension and fear. I think this young lady may have had a stalker, or someone openly making threats, and I think the situation worried her. At the base, we have the three of wands, reversed. Someone had clearly brushed off any reasons to take precautions, and had told her not to worry. Upright, this card tells of people working together on new projects; this time, I think it tells of people not listening and paying attention when they should. The King of Pentacles is in the recent past. He is an older, dark complected man who cares about Sierra. The card telling of his future involvement is the seven of pentacles, which is hard work followed by reward. He will do anything it takes to find Sierra. A possibility is Strength, reversed. Already, the investigation has been mildly derailed, somehow. A clue has been left in the wrong place, and has sent searchers in the wrong direction.

The King of cups, reversed, in the place of Sierra's fears. This is an older male who is not honest, and possibly uses or sells illegal drugs. Temperance is in the place of Sierra's environment, telling us that Sierra has every intention of helping in the cause of getting herself found. The Star is in the place of her hopes. She will be open to any creative idea that she thinks will work in order to become free. Another male is in the picture, the Knight of Swords, reversed. He is violent, and time is of the essence. I am hoping that the King of Pentacles will find an incentive that will speak to him. I will follow this up in a couple of days if Sierra is not found.

More impressions: This was not in the reading, but just something I sense: Sierra's phone was thrown away about twenty miles away from where she actually is right now. I think she has heard at least one broadcast featuring her mother's pleas for her return. I also do not think she is very far from home. The location where the cell phone was tossed was deliberately chosen to throw off investigators and delay finding Sierra.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tarot Reading For Samantha Koenig

Samantha Koenig, eighteen, of Alaska was last seen on February 1. Surveillance from her job at a coffee shop shows her exiting the building with a male stranger, and beyond that, no one knows her whereabouts. Her missing persons poster and picture are posted below, and I will see what I can find out from the Tarot. Here is the most recent report.

The reading starts with the eight of swords, reversed, crossed by the five of swords. Already, this does not look encouraging. The eight of swords is a card of either being or feeling trapped. Reversed, it is the opposite, becoming "untrapped", or disentangled. But in Samantha's case, it is crossed by the five of swords, a card of revenge and violence, so it looks like she did not want to remain "trapped", or captive, fought, and lost. The five of swords is someone inflicting violence at her. This ios founded by the four of pentacles, which tells us she was holding onto something material, either money or a resource. In the very recent past, we have the Magician, who is a man who knows what he is doing and in this case, how to get what he wants from Samantha. The next card, crowning this matter, gives me some hope that Samantha might yet be found alive. It is the four of cups, reversed, and it means that Samantha should be looking for any oppotunity she can to contact her family. In Taoism, four is a number that represents family, and so far, two "fours" have come up in this reading. I think the four of pentacles and the reserve it represents was Samantha protecting either someone in her family, or someone she regards as family. The four of cups represents the best thing that can happen today, which is Samantha reuniting with her family. Next, we have the King of cups, who is soon to enter the situation. He is an older man who is kindly disposed toward Samantha and will try to find her.

In the place of fears we have the seven of cups, which is a vivid imagination, but not much reality. Someone connected to this has some unrealistic expectations about this. For environment, the ten of swords appears, which worries me a bit. The ten of swords sometimes indicates violence, and always indicates an end to something.......generally not a pleasant end. The Star is reversed in the place of hopes, which shows a lot of pessimism on the part of someone who knows where to find Samantha. This, too, worries me. The reading ends with the four of swords.......the third "four" in this reading. This four is a card of rest, and I hope Samantha can be found after the dust from her disappearance settles.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Happened To Ava Enlow

Recently, a story aired on Nancy Grace about a two year old girl named Ava Enlow. The mother, Athena Manuma, dropped Ava off for a couple of days with the father, Brent Anderson. When she came to pick her daughter up, the whole house had been vacated; in fact, it had been foreclosed upon. Brent had not given Athena any indication of any of this before disappearing with their child. Police in Arizona are now looking for both the father and daughter.

This readin begins with the five of wands, crossed by the seven of pentacles. The five of wands indicates games, trickery, and half-truths. The seven indicates a planned and worked-for harvest. This tells me that this event was planned. The Knight of Pentacles is in the background, and in this case, I think this knight represents slow but steady progress toward a goal....the goal in this case being the custodial kidnapping of Ava.

In recent recent events, we have the King of Swords. This is a man involved with law enforcement or the application of law, and as he appears upright, I will assume that he has Ava's best interests at heart. His role in this matter is to undo the trickery with which the reading begins. The best that can come of all this is the Emporer, reversed, and he is a weak and unsatisfactory father figure. This almost speaks for itself, but I will spell it out: the very best thing that can happen is the apprehension of Ava's father. The nine of pentacles is in the near future, and I think there is a good chance that Ava will be found and returned home.

The six of cups describes the mental state of the man who took Ava. He has not considered the fact that Ava will grow up, and is only seeing her as an infant, and as a bargaining chip to use against Ava's mother. Their surroundings are the eight of wands, which is a journey through impossible odds. Also, as cups often symbolize West and wands are South, it's possible that Ava is "eight" to the south, or southwest. Ava's father is already afraid that this whole venture will not work out, as illustrated by the Wheel of Fortune reversed in the place of his fears, and the reading ends with the Fool. The Fool is a card of opportunities for everyone involved, and in this case, I think he is telling us that Ava's dad makes a silly mistake somewhere along the line and gets caught. I hope Ava is found safe.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revisit To Jonbenet Ramsey's Case

An article about Jonbenet Ramsey was posted on the internet this morning, and since I have never done a reading about it, and the case was never solved, I decided to see what the cards would say. The reading is a Celtic Cross reading, and the question is "What happened to Jonbenet?"

The basis is the Knight of Swords crossed by the Queen of Swords. This Knight refers to violence, and often a violent death. He is crossed by the Queen of Swords, which tells me that the act was committed by a woman. The reversed ace of cups gives us a basis for the Queen's actions, and it tells us that the Queen was unhappy with all of the new opportunities that the victim enjoyed, and that the stress had become a burden, somehow, but the burden was more emotional than practical. The Sun is the passing reality, and this was Jonbenet's talent and future. The eight of cups reversed is what the Queen of Swords was seeking in her action, and reversed, this card simply means feasting and partying to one's heart's content. I think the Queen wanted to return to a life that did not include Jonbenet. The King of Swords is the next card. As he is not reversed, I think he may not be the one who did the deed, so to speak, but he knows more than he has told us. In fact, I was surprised by the presence of the King, Queen, and Knight of Swords in this reading, and the clarity of the symbolism was one of the reasons I wanted to share it.

In the place of the perpetrator's fears, we have the Empress. The Empress is the ultimate mother figure, and I interpret this to mean that the Queen had very negative feelings about having to parent, rather then having childlike opportunities in life. The card representing the home environment is the six of swords, which is a card of travel. The Queen of Swords did not always stay in one place, neither did any evidence. The Star comes up in the place of hopes. I really think this Queen did not see Jonbenet as a person in her own right, with a life and a future! I think the Queen somehow thought her actions were justified! The reading ends with the ten of cups, reversed. Upside right, the ten of cups points to a healthy family environment and a happy marriage, upside, it says the opposite. Which is very telling.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Did Little Samuel Jones Get Into The Well

I usually wait for law enforcement to draw their own conclusions after a missing child has been found, but four year old Samuel Jones, of Carlsbad, New Mexico, was reported missing on Saturday night, and found early Sunday morning in an abandoned well near his home, and no one knows how he got there. Here's my reading, in an attempt to find answers.

This begins with the three of cups crossed by the eight of pentacles. Eight is a number that often coincides with apprenticeship, and deliberate effort, and the eight of pentacles is a card of skills and apprenticeship. It crosses the three, here, so I will assume that this little boy was happy up until the moment this happened. I am inclined to think he was lured, rather deliberately, by someone older than himself, and someone who saw some sort of "opportunity" in this. This is founded by the ace of swords, meaning opportunity was open. This opportunity was followed by the two of swords, reversed, which I think was hesitation on Samuel's part before he became trapped. Suddenly, the whole situation went completely wrong. This is crowned by the eight of cups, reversed. He died expecting to be rescued, knowing that he matters to those around him. The next card bothers me; it is the Moon, reversed. This tells me that this was not truly an accident, and that someone is also lying and concealing the truth about this matter.

The Magician comes up reversed in the place of negative intentions, and I think a man who knew what he was doing had some sort of agenda in this. This card is followed by the two of wands, reversed, in the place of environs, which tells me that he had at least one accomplice. The two of pentacles appears in the place of hopes, and that refers to communications; this person does not want an actual account of what happened to become known. This is concluded with the page of swords, which speaks of spying, or communication by remote, or the internet. This is also a person who is younger than the Magician, and more adept with social media and the internet.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Where Is Ayla Reynolds

I got a request for another reading for Ayla Reynolds. I did one in December of last year. I was sincerely hoping that Ayla would be found by now. After considering the best line of question for the Tarot, I decided to simply ask where Ayla could be found.

This reading begins with the Queen of Wands crossed by the Emperor. I am very inclined to interpret this as being involvement of Ayla's father, (Emperor) and an adult female that is not her mother. Situationally, the background is the Devil, which means bondage and inability to work with a situation. This is what life had become for Ayla, even as a toddler. Also, I think violence has played a role, but I have thought that every since I did the first reading. The next card describing what has passed is the Knight of Wands, which I think is an event, here, rather than a person. I think this card is telling us that Ayla is "gone", as knights often represent coming and going, and the suit of wands is associated with fire, so fire may have played a role in covering the tracks of whoever made Ayla disappear. The two of wands comes up in the place of things that may happen. This is a card of plans and partners, and here, it tells of at least two people know where Ayla is; one male and one female. Next, comes the nine of swords. This card signifies worry and sleepless nights.

At the bottom of the staff, we have the Star, reversed. Lack of inspiration....lack of honesty. This is followed by the nine of cups, turning up in the place of environment. Ayla's hiding place was hastily chosen, water, single family dwellings, and the number nine play a role or are landmarks, somehow.  The Queen of Swords is another player here, she would seek to control the information and communication. As she comes up reversed, she does not have Ayla's best interest at heart. The reading concludes with the two of pentacles, reversed. This tells me that the Queen of Swords will not have her way, and eventaully, communication and information about Ayla's whereabouts will come to light.

We have three players, here; one male and two female.