Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disturbing Story About A Fake Psychic

Stories like this disturb me. Nancy Annette Marks, of the Kansas City area, actually took advantage of another person's ebbs in life, to the tune of thousands of dollars. Someone who was looking for suggestions and creative advice successfully got her fears and superstitions played upon, instead. And the client probably didn't even get the advice she sought!

Two things really stand out, here. First of all, one reading; or in some cases that are heavily laden with circumstances and factors, two or three readings, should be enough. A client should not need multiple readings for the same question.....especially over a period of years. If a psychic is doing large numbers of readings for the same question, and unable to deliver an answer, either the psychic has gotton an answer that the client does not want, or the psychic has not really gotton an answer. Either way, this is unsettling. Second; no psychic should ever play on another person's fears. Nancy Annette Marks actually told a woman that she was "cursed", (I'll bet she wasn't!) and that paying her (Ms. Marks) large sums of money would somehow "protect" the woman from the "curse"! No psychic should ever play on someone's fears. It just isn't nice.

Another disturbing factor in Nancy Annette Marks's career is the message a that client could buy his or her way out of life's circumstances; specifically, that if clients paid her a certain amount, evil spirits would look eleswhere for "victims". Or that circumstances in life are caused by "evil spirits". (the "evil spirits" idea is gonna have to be a whole other a different time; I doubt if Marks would recognize ANY spirit, even if it bit her posterior protrusion!) When she found people who were vulnerable enough to play her game, she would take advantage of them financially, encouraging them to believe they could somehow buy their way out of their own choices in life and individual fates. This is unethical, dishonest, and wrong, wrong, wrong.  Here is a quote from the above linked article, from KCTV; "The session actually ended by her convincing me that I had a curse on me and some evil spirit that was brought on my family and me when I was little and it's gonna stick around and not ever let me have peace in my life and be passed to my children.".......This was said by one of Marks's former clients. If any psychic, psychologist, minister, or doctor ever says something like that, it's time to move on.

Nancy Annette Marks; Booking Photo