Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ayla Reynolds

Ayla Reynolds, a toddler from Maine, has been missing since December 17. The reading I did was to answer the questions of what happened to her, and how would she be found. Ayla was staying with her father at the time of her disappearance, and he states that when he got up on the morning of December 17, she was missing from her bedroom. The reading starts with the Sun, reversed, crossed by the five of wands. Ayla's presence was welcomed enough, it seems, but not exactly what those around her wanted. The five of wands represents some sort of game, or trickery, almost from the beginning of this whole situation, before little Ayla went missing. This is based by the Page of cups. The Page of Cups here tells of news of a birth. And the message fading into the background is the seven of cups, the card of illusions and false notions. This reiterates the message of the base of the reading, expectations not being met, somehow, and deception being an option, for some reason, before this child even moved in with her father.

The very best thing we will all hear about this in terms of resolution is the Knight of Swords, reversed. I am not particularly pleased to see this card here, but not surprised. While I hope and pray for the best in all this, this Knight, especially reversed, warns of anger, violence, and sometimes violent death. The next card is the eight of swords, telling us of something that WILL take place. This is a card of restriction. Wherever this baby has been hidden, someone is keeping her whereabouts from becoming known. It gives me a little bit of hope that Ayla might be found alive. Just a little.

The six of pentacles has come up in the place of the feelings of the perpetrator. I was not expecting to see this card here, and I find it curious. It clearly refers to a financial reward, and I think it has to do with the reward offered for Ayla's return. Apparently, this has made an impression on someone. The next card, in the place of home environment, and opinions of family and friends, is the Hermit, reversed. The Hermit is like Diogenes, always searching for an honest man; and, quite frankly, finding him here, reversed, in the place of family is discouraging. It means that the people who lived with this little girl are not looking for her. In the place of hopes, we have the ace of wands, reversed. In addition to not looking for Ayla, someone is also not hoping that she will be found and returned to her mother. This sounds very harsh, but this is what the cards are saying. The final outcome is the two of cups. This is a card of partnerships. I believe that Ayla will be found by the efforts of more than one person or organization working together, and possibly in two days or two weeks. The two of cups may also refer to a significant other of someone who had access to Ayla.

Closer examination of same reading: The sun draws energy and objects into orbit around itself. In this reading, it is reversed. It is crossed by the five of wands. I think the very center of the house from which Ayla disappeared needs to be checked very carefully for clues.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Petition To Stop Kentucky Teacher From Stuffing Kids In Duffle Bags

This has nothing to do with divination or Tarot, but please look at this petition and sign it. Earlier this month, a little boy with a disability on the autism spectrum was stuffed into a duffle bag by his teacher and placed in the hallway. The link to the petition, drawn up by Lydia Brown, is here: http://www.change.org/petitions/end-abuse-of-autistic-students-in-mercer-county-kentucky

If we do not look long and hard at the way we teach and bring up our children, the world will only become less peaceful.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Wassail.......from the old English, "be thou hail", is the tradition from which we get "caroling" door to door during the Winter Holidays. Prechristian Europeans had two different traditions in connection to Wassail; the first was to share some of the cider with the trees in orchards, to encourage a good harvest in the following seasons, and the second involved everyone in the household stirring the cider as it simmered, while "praying", if you will, to the Gods and Ancestors, meditating on wishes for the upcoming year. Then, of course, it would be time to go "wassail" the neighbors, sharing cider with them.

Here's a recipe for Wassail:
2 quarts of apple cider
2 cups of orange juice
1/2 cup of lemon juice
12 whole cloves
1 pinch ground ginger
1 pinch ground nutmeg
2 cinnamon sticks
*optional; 1 quart white wine
*not optional; wishes and prayers stirred in

Simmer all of the ingredients together in a large pot, while stirring, meditating on your wishes for the upcoming seasons. Drink up, sharing with everyone in sight. This year, my hopes stirred into the Wassail will be for all of the people for whom I have done readings on this blog. Blessed Be.

Wassail, shared with all of you. My heartfelt wishes and prayers are for happy resolution to everyone for whom I have shared readings on this blog. Solstice Greetings.

Request For An Update For Kyron Horman

Someone recently requested a new reading for Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland Oregon in June of 2010. It is heartbreaking that he has still not been found. I cannot claim complete accuracy in interpretations of any type of divination, as I learn new things every day concerning this art, but I can tell everyone one thing: every single reading I have done for Kyron since he has been missing has indicated that there is still hope of finding him alive. I know that contradicts what a few others have stated, but my readings all show Kyron experiencing the ups and downs of everyday life.......in other words, still with us.

The reading I did deals with the questions of why Kyron is still missing at this late date and how can he come home. This is what I got: The four of cups is crossed by the seven of cups. Four and seven have been signicant numbers in readings for Kyron ever since this happened, and here they are again. Four is also a number representing family in Taoism, and in the same tradition, seven represents learning and sometimes schools. It seems pretty obvious that this takes us back to look at family and school one more time. Also, the four of cups speaks to lack of appreciation for what one has, and the seven tells of delusions and unrealistic ideas. I think that somehow, the truth is just not good enough for someone, and that some ideas that are truly not the case have been purported.

This is based by the Hanged Man, reversed. Upright, this card represents sacrifice for the greater good. Reversed, it means refusal to make sacrifices. Immediately in the past we have the seven of pentacles, which is harvesting your crops, or benefitting from your work efforts. Someone involved in this felt that his or her work efforts should not be shared, and became selfish. The eight of pentacles reversed comes up in the place of things that could happen, but have not. Reversed, this card tells of an apprenticeship cut short, or a career abruptly ended. This applies personally to someone involved. Something that WILL happen is the two of swords, reversed. I have seen that card in prior readings about Kyron, but upright. Upright, it means stalemate, quite clearly. Reversed, it tells of energy finally tipping the balence, one direction or the other. In this case, someone has been relying on the stalemate to keep matters secret, but this will end.

The Knight of Wands reversed comes up in the place of fears and physical limitations. This is jealous, impulsive, male energy, or an actual not-so-nice male presence. The card describing home environment, and sometimes the opinions of others is Temperance, reversed. This is a bad combination. the message here is that jealousy and impulse have lent a hand to a situation that has the wrong elements combined. Also, the knight reversed could represent a fear that this will not end, and that the situation is going nowhere, as knights upright often mean travel or movement. The next card, in the place of hopes, is the King of Wands. He is a family man, often married, and as an upright card, represents someone whose help is hoped for by someone involved in this. The final outcome is the nine of swords, reversed. This card speaks of worry and problems to be overcome, but reversed, the worries are temporary. Kyron still needs to be found.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Comments At Solarspectrum Tarot Are Still Moderated

My comments on this blog are moderated. Anyone who wishes to comment on any post here in Solarspectrum Tarot can do so privately, if desired. Just preface your comment with the word, "private" and I will not publish what you write. Also, if you include an email address where I can send a private answer, I will do so, and I will not publish your email address.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bianca Jones

What happened to Bianca Jones, the little girl who was reported missing this past Friday, when her dad reported that he had been carjacked, and his infant daughter kidnapped in the carjacked vehicle? I did a reading, and I hope and pray that this little girl is found today.

The situation is described by Tarot as the ten of wands crossed by the four of pentacles. The ten of wands usually tells of a string of problems, or hassles, to be more accurate, finally coming to an end. The four of pentacles is the witholding of resources, usually money but sometimes other things, such as information. So we have an end of a series of hassles crossed by a withholding of something dear and important. The background of the situation is the nine of pentacles. Here, I interpret this to be a woman who provided Bianca with a stable home. But in the recent past, we have the King of Wands. This, I interpret to be the dad, as he is the last person known to have had Bianca in his care. Wands and pentacles are different suits, so the message seems pretty clear.......the maternal influence provided more stability, and the more recent paternal influence was more daring, and possibly creative and fun, but not as stable. In the place of likely outcome, I see the truth finally told with a certain amount of relief following lots of worry (the nine of swords, reversed) and in the very near future, the High Priestess appears. I think this means.....and I do hope I am right.....that the information witheld at the beginning of this reading is finally given by the appropriate person.

In the place of fears, I have the Knight of Cups, reversed. This is a young man who does not speak the truth. In the place of environment, I have the Queen of Wands, reversed. This can be a jealous feminine influence, or an actual jealous, lying woman. I will not be surprised to hear of a female accomplice, or a female accomplice after the fact, now that this card has come up. In the place of hopes, we have the ten of swords, which means destruction. It can occasionally point to death, but as it comes up in a place of hopes or fears, I think it represents the speculations and fears of the media and the public. It could also, very easily, represent what the reversed Knight of Cups is afraid we will find. The last card is the two of pentacles, which is communication. Communication continues to be a problem, as it is intercepted and blocked, somehow. This person has a facade, as well as someone covering for him.

Somehow, the High Priestess seems to be the key card in this reading. She represents mysteries and the truth, the unknown truth, coming to light. Water....Churches.....Imagination......Subconcious.......Secrecy.....Dreams......

Update after thinking about this reading: nothing about this reading includes transportation or a vehicle, or even moving physically from one place to another. It is my opinion that this child did not disappear as the result of a carjacking. The ten of wands speaks to the end of problems, and the four of pentacles speaks to payment or resources witheld. This child is somewhere close to her father's home. I hope she is found today.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Who Hid Lisa Irwin And Where Is She?

In the fallout of all the the latest attempt to find Lisa Irwin, who went missing from Kansas City, Missouri on October 4 of this year, I did a Celtic Cross reading with my own question to see what the Tarot would tell me. My question was "Who hid Lisa Irwin, and where is she?"

The first cards were the eight of cups, reversed, crossed by the ten of wands. Reversed, the eight of cups means rejoicing and relief. This is crossed by the ten of wands, which carries a similar message...the finish of a struggle. My take on it is this: someone directly involved in Lisa's life was interested in the fun and merriment parts of life to the point of imbalence. The next card, in the place of background for all of this is the Devil, telling me that the responsibilities of parenting were found to be in conflict with other pursuits. Someone here felt very restricted, and became resentful. The event drifting into the past is the Chariot, reversed. This could represent anything from situation that had shut down and was "going nowhere" to an actual car that isn't running. Another thing that I think the Cards are telling us is that Lisa did not travel too far from her home on the night of October 4. Wherever she is, she is close. This is crowned by the nine of cups. The very best that can come out of this is that Lisa's family can become more supportive in efforts to find her.........but I have said that from the beginning! Also, I find myself very inclined to think that the nine of cups is telling us that Lisa can be found close to her home. The near future contains the King of Cups, reversed. This is a dishonest male who knows how to twist the truth and play on the emotions of others. I hate to see him in this position, but I'm afraid he is a factor, here.

Lisa's surroundings consist of the seven of cups. This is illusion, delusion, and sometimes the belief in a deception. The next card, describing the involvement of other people in Lisa's concealment, is the nine of swords, reversed. This could mean anything from worry on the part of the guilty party(s) to an actual physical location or object........such as 9 of "swords"= '99 cutlass........sometimes, it is helpful to actually be physically in the location and see what's there. The Queen of Swords, reversed, is in the place of fears. There is a woman who is perceived to be stalling the investigation. Communication and the law are involved here. The last card is the Page of Swords. This is a young person, and I believe this person has a tip or a clue that will help find Lisa. Until then, I will be praying for Lisa and her brothers.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Michelle Parker

I did a Celtic Cross reading to find out what happened to Michelle Parker and why she went missing. She is a mom of three, who went missing last month from Florida. Her courtship with the father of her children has been contentious, and they appeared on "People's Court", in a dispute over an engagement ring.

The basis of the matter was Temperance, reversed, crossed by the Lovers. This message seems pretty obvious......a bad combination of ingredients, but still combined, anyway. This is based by the five of wands, indicating deception, trickery, and games. From this, I gather that the police have already heard untruths from someone. In the recent past, the eight of swords came up, indicating that one or both parties not only felt trapped, but was trapped in the relationship. The very best possible outcome here is the seven of pentacles, which deals in reaping what is sown. I interpret this to mean that the efforts to find this young woman will, one day, pay off. It may happen as a result of a search. The devil shows up as a factor that will come into play in the future. In this instance, he represents more bondage for one or both parties to this relationship and situation. The Devil also represents bondage and "being trapped" on mundane levels, so it is possible that instead of being discarded in a manner that a stranger would discard a victim, Michelle is behind lock and key somewhere on private property, for which a search warrent would be required in order to carry out a search. Either way, this is NOT the work of a stranger.

The Wheel of Fortune came up in the place of the fears of the person responsible for Michelle's disappearance. This person feels lucky, as if riding in the currents of a good cycle. The surrounding environment is the ace of wands, reversed. This means that there will be no new beginnings for this relationship, and fire may have played a role in the coverup of evidence. In the place of hopes, the Hermit came up, reversed. Someone is hoping that searches for Michelle will end, emptyhanded. The final outcome is the ace of swords, telling me that all of this will come to light, possibly with the help of testimony or a tip.

Afterthought: this reading ended with the ace of swords, and the suits of swords is associated with the element of Air, which rules communication. It is quite possible that cell phones and cell phone pings will help solve this crime. One more possibility; I feel strongly that the reversed Hermit represents an older, male accomplice in this woman's disappearance. There were at least two people involved.