Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Question About Law Enforcement In Kyron Horman's Case

Yesterday, someone asked me a question about the police, and how the Kyron Horman case has been handled. Since I have not done a reading about this yet, I decided to do one, and post it online. It's a Celtic Cross, and the verbatim is, "what have the police not covered in Kyron Horman's case?"

The basis is the four of pentacles crossed by the seven of swords. The four of pentacles signifies hoarding resources instead of spending them, and the seven of swords tells me that this was more than the police were able to manage in the first place. So........that was easy; financial corners were cut early on, and it was handled in ways that were inexpert and gave an advantage to a thief or kidnapper.

The next two cards deal with things that happened close to the event (Kyron's disappearance) itself. Below, in the place of background, we have the Sun, which is a great card. It usually means excellent fortune. This makes me think that the crime could have been solved by now, if looked at......with LIGHT shining on it.......or under the SUN. (sounds weird, but somehow seemed like the thing to say at the time) Perhaps they (law enforcement) already have their answer. The next card, representing events or people moving into the past, is the two of wands. This is an endeavor which was started with help, in this case, an accomplice. I think an accomplice was able to slip away, unnoticed and unquestioned in this whole mess. To this day, no one may be looking at this person or his or her involvement.

The next card, the two of cups reversed, deals with an issue that is still having repercussions on the investigation; inability on the parts of two or more individuals to work together. I do not know if this is law enforcement or others involved in the search or in Kyron's life, but I do know that the lack of trust and breakdown of communication between these two entities has the potential to continue to harm Kyron's chances of being found. Something that WILL happen, is the Hermit. He is a little like Diogenes, looking for an honest man. He will leave no stone unturned, and I am happy to see him in the place of things that WILL happen, rather than things that COULD happen.

The staff begins with Strength in the place of environs, this tells me that law enforcement is still committed to finding Kyron. Eight is the number of that card; perhaps it is of some significance. I will have to think on that some more. The next card deals with public opinion, and it is the eight of pentacles reversed. Upright, this card is the card of the apprentice, gifted in his chosen field. Upside down, not so much! Apparently, my questioner, and others, have a low opinion of the skill and diligence of this police force! This is followed by the ten of wands in the place of desires, and this indicates that the community would like to see closure in this matter. The final outcome is the Fool. The Fool is a completely new idea, approach, or person. He can be an event or an individual, and upright, as this card appears, he is almost an answer to prayer! I believe law enforcement will finally get a valid tip that will help the Hermit, who appeared in the place of things to come, find Kyron and solve this case.

I realize that there are a couple of loose ends in the question, but this is what I have right now, along with a grey cat who wants to reshuffle my cards!


  1. Thanks so much Juli! It was so kind of you to do this reading of law enforcement - they are an integral part of this case and why to date it has not been solved. I really felt there was an obstacle purposely place in the path of LE (or they did it themselves). This is a wonderful and I feel accurate reading of a sense of what is going on in LE and how the public feels. Thanks again! Judi

  2. I am from the area where Kyron went missing and there was something the Sheriff said has always stood out and perplexed me. Sheriff Staton has showed much emotion during this case and has visabily choked up several times at press releases. I just dont know what to make of Kyron's case. I do believe TH is involved but I have a feeling things arnt what they appear to be and that TH may of trusted some people she shouldnt have and things got out of control.

    Here is that statement from the Sheriff-

    Staton, who choked up several times while speaking at a press conference, added, mysteriously, that police have uncovered information in the case that they wish they didn't know about.

    "I think there will be things that will come out of this investigation that will surprise you, that you'll think about later on, after it's over," he said. "We have a knowledge of things we don't want to know about. We have knowledge of things we wish we didn't.

    Staton defended the amount of money spent on the case. "We threw everything we possibly could at this because it involved a school and it involved a child," he said. "We've closed enough doors in the course of this investigation to bring it down to a scale where we can target specific elements that we need to bring a successful conclusion to this."

    1. Hmmm. Perhaps it is time for an updated reading about this case. One question I have not put to the Tarot is that one: what did Staton mean by that infamous comment he made.


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