Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Happened To Lindsey Baum

I did a Celtic Cross reading to determine what happened to Lindsey Baum, and I must say, the answer, as I interpreted it was a surprise. I had initially thought that poor Lindsey was deceased, but now, I am not so sure. So this is going to be a two-parter. I will start with what the cards tell me has happened to her, and then move onto a question in another reading about her whereabouts.

The basis consists of the King of Cups, reversed, crossed by the Emporer. This is clearly two men. One is a dishonest, manipulative, liar who may drink too much or force sexual perversions on others. The other, who is in conflict with the King of Cups, is either Lindsey's father, or has a fatherly concern for her. The matters underlying this whole situation is the Page of Cups, and I perceive this to be Lindsey. In fact, the numeric value of a page is 11, and I do believe Lindsey is 11 this year. Energies flowing away from all of this are the five of wands, which represents a game being played with someone; in this case, Lindsey's mother and law enforcement. Above this, depicting the very best that can come out of this, (and this bothers me, somewhat) is the Empress, reversed. This is not a good card for the position. It tells of a either a mother who does not have Lindsey's best interests at heart, or a psuedo-mother, playing the role, and maintaining a facade, keeping the truth hidden. Another interesting factor in this reading is the appearance of both the Emporer and the Empress. It gives me hope that Lindsey is still alive. The next card, things to come, is possibly the most interesting of all..........we get the Lovers, upright. Either some news that is very telling is on the way, from a surprise source, or someone who knows something helpful makes the right choice, and gives good information to law enforcement.

At the beginning of the staff, we find the ace of wands, telling me that someone took advantage of an opportunity..........Lindsey was simply in an easy position to be kidnapped. For her environs, we have the three of cups, which tells of happiness. But too much happiness in a reading like this is not always a good sign, because once a person is deceased and reaches peace about it, we often find happiness surrounding that person. Next, in the place of hopes and fears, is judgement, reversed. This speaks to the fact that Lindsey is presumed deceased by many people. The final outcome is the Queen of Pentacles. She is a person who knows what happened, and can come forward and tell law enforcement.

This reading really makes me wonder what Lindsey's home life was like, and where her biological father stood in all of this. The initial and most clear interepretation would be that Lindsey was caught in a negative situation with a step parent or significant other of a natural parent, and was rescued by the other parent, but was all of this sufficiently studied by law enforcement? And, while walking home from the neighbor's house, how far did she get on her five minute walk home that evening?

Lindsey Baum, of McCleary, Wahsington


  1. What's strange is that so far, Forensic Astrology, Psychic Tarot Insights and you all suggest a maternal figure and that she might be alive. All I'm doing is waiting.

    1. I always hope the subject of a reading is still alive, and I hope Lindsey comes home soon. I did this reading in 2011.

  2. finding her remains perhaps indicates she is at peace and in a better place hence the cups. I sincerely hope the deviant coward who did this to this defenceless cute little girl is eaten alive by his own conscience, he had better hope there is no such thing as karma. But perhaps the UNSUB is simply a pyschopath who has no empathy and no cares for anyone but himself. If Lindsey was found in or with her clothes then I pray that forensics and DNA might yield a break in the case.


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