Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moderated Comments

Someone made a request to me that I moderate my comments on this blog, so I did. Now that they are moderated, anyone who wants to tell me something private via comments on here can do so, and I will not publish the comment unless that is what you want.


  1. Juli...why didn't you tell me about this blog?? I am fascinated with this!! I will need more time to focus on it (maybe tomorrow?) and I am wondering if you think your readings really have any actual merit?

  2. I know psychics are not your favorite people, and I also thought I had told you about it! Yes; I KNOW my readings have merit, but I also know that divination must be combined with excellent detective work and people who are in a position to actually do something with divinatory findings in order to be effective. I don't know all of the particulars here, so while I may be able to look at something like....say.......what Kyron is looking at, I have never been to Oregon, and placing the location is going to be hard for me. No detective wants to hear about a "white house", or "feeling scared", they want names and addresses, and they should. And then, I will do a reading every now and then, especially about Kyron, that will tell me things that I honestly don't think belong in print until Kyron is safely home. That is very frustrating for me.


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