Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ayla Reynolds

Ayla Reynolds, a toddler from Maine, has been missing since December 17. The reading I did was to answer the questions of what happened to her, and how would she be found. Ayla was staying with her father at the time of her disappearance, and he states that when he got up on the morning of December 17, she was missing from her bedroom. The reading starts with the Sun, reversed, crossed by the five of wands. Ayla's presence was welcomed enough, it seems, but not exactly what those around her wanted. The five of wands represents some sort of game, or trickery, almost from the beginning of this whole situation, before little Ayla went missing. This is based by the Page of cups. The Page of Cups here tells of news of a birth. And the message fading into the background is the seven of cups, the card of illusions and false notions. This reiterates the message of the base of the reading, expectations not being met, somehow, and deception being an option, for some reason, before this child even moved in with her father.

The very best thing we will all hear about this in terms of resolution is the Knight of Swords, reversed. I am not particularly pleased to see this card here, but not surprised. While I hope and pray for the best in all this, this Knight, especially reversed, warns of anger, violence, and sometimes violent death. The next card is the eight of swords, telling us of something that WILL take place. This is a card of restriction. Wherever this baby has been hidden, someone is keeping her whereabouts from becoming known. It gives me a little bit of hope that Ayla might be found alive. Just a little.

The six of pentacles has come up in the place of the feelings of the perpetrator. I was not expecting to see this card here, and I find it curious. It clearly refers to a financial reward, and I think it has to do with the reward offered for Ayla's return. Apparently, this has made an impression on someone. The next card, in the place of home environment, and opinions of family and friends, is the Hermit, reversed. The Hermit is like Diogenes, always searching for an honest man; and, quite frankly, finding him here, reversed, in the place of family is discouraging. It means that the people who lived with this little girl are not looking for her. In the place of hopes, we have the ace of wands, reversed. In addition to not looking for Ayla, someone is also not hoping that she will be found and returned to her mother. This sounds very harsh, but this is what the cards are saying. The final outcome is the two of cups. This is a card of partnerships. I believe that Ayla will be found by the efforts of more than one person or organization working together, and possibly in two days or two weeks. The two of cups may also refer to a significant other of someone who had access to Ayla.

Closer examination of same reading: The sun draws energy and objects into orbit around itself. In this reading, it is reversed. It is crossed by the five of wands. I think the very center of the house from which Ayla disappeared needs to be checked very carefully for clues.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Petition To Stop Kentucky Teacher From Stuffing Kids In Duffle Bags

This has nothing to do with divination or Tarot, but please look at this petition and sign it. Earlier this month, a little boy with a disability on the autism spectrum was stuffed into a duffle bag by his teacher and placed in the hallway. The link to the petition, drawn up by Lydia Brown, is here: http://www.change.org/petitions/end-abuse-of-autistic-students-in-mercer-county-kentucky

If we do not look long and hard at the way we teach and bring up our children, the world will only become less peaceful.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Wassail.......from the old English, "be thou hail", is the tradition from which we get "caroling" door to door during the Winter Holidays. Prechristian Europeans had two different traditions in connection to Wassail; the first was to share some of the cider with the trees in orchards, to encourage a good harvest in the following seasons, and the second involved everyone in the household stirring the cider as it simmered, while "praying", if you will, to the Gods and Ancestors, meditating on wishes for the upcoming year. Then, of course, it would be time to go "wassail" the neighbors, sharing cider with them.

Here's a recipe for Wassail:
2 quarts of apple cider
2 cups of orange juice
1/2 cup of lemon juice
12 whole cloves
1 pinch ground ginger
1 pinch ground nutmeg
2 cinnamon sticks
*optional; 1 quart white wine
*not optional; wishes and prayers stirred in

Simmer all of the ingredients together in a large pot, while stirring, meditating on your wishes for the upcoming seasons. Drink up, sharing with everyone in sight. This year, my hopes stirred into the Wassail will be for all of the people for whom I have done readings on this blog. Blessed Be.

Wassail, shared with all of you. My heartfelt wishes and prayers are for happy resolution to everyone for whom I have shared readings on this blog. Solstice Greetings.

Request For An Update For Kyron Horman

Someone recently requested a new reading for Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland Oregon in June of 2010. It is heartbreaking that he has still not been found. I cannot claim complete accuracy in interpretations of any type of divination, as I learn new things every day concerning this art, but I can tell everyone one thing: every single reading I have done for Kyron since he has been missing has indicated that there is still hope of finding him alive. I know that contradicts what a few others have stated, but my readings all show Kyron experiencing the ups and downs of everyday life.......in other words, still with us.

The reading I did deals with the questions of why Kyron is still missing at this late date and how can he come home. This is what I got: The four of cups is crossed by the seven of cups. Four and seven have been signicant numbers in readings for Kyron ever since this happened, and here they are again. Four is also a number representing family in Taoism, and in the same tradition, seven represents learning and sometimes schools. It seems pretty obvious that this takes us back to look at family and school one more time. Also, the four of cups speaks to lack of appreciation for what one has, and the seven tells of delusions and unrealistic ideas. I think that somehow, the truth is just not good enough for someone, and that some ideas that are truly not the case have been purported.

This is based by the Hanged Man, reversed. Upright, this card represents sacrifice for the greater good. Reversed, it means refusal to make sacrifices. Immediately in the past we have the seven of pentacles, which is harvesting your crops, or benefitting from your work efforts. Someone involved in this felt that his or her work efforts should not be shared, and became selfish. The eight of pentacles reversed comes up in the place of things that could happen, but have not. Reversed, this card tells of an apprenticeship cut short, or a career abruptly ended. This applies personally to someone involved. Something that WILL happen is the two of swords, reversed. I have seen that card in prior readings about Kyron, but upright. Upright, it means stalemate, quite clearly. Reversed, it tells of energy finally tipping the balence, one direction or the other. In this case, someone has been relying on the stalemate to keep matters secret, but this will end.

The Knight of Wands reversed comes up in the place of fears and physical limitations. This is jealous, impulsive, male energy, or an actual not-so-nice male presence. The card describing home environment, and sometimes the opinions of others is Temperance, reversed. This is a bad combination. the message here is that jealousy and impulse have lent a hand to a situation that has the wrong elements combined. Also, the knight reversed could represent a fear that this will not end, and that the situation is going nowhere, as knights upright often mean travel or movement. The next card, in the place of hopes, is the King of Wands. He is a family man, often married, and as an upright card, represents someone whose help is hoped for by someone involved in this. The final outcome is the nine of swords, reversed. This card speaks of worry and problems to be overcome, but reversed, the worries are temporary. Kyron still needs to be found.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Comments At Solarspectrum Tarot Are Still Moderated

My comments on this blog are moderated. Anyone who wishes to comment on any post here in Solarspectrum Tarot can do so privately, if desired. Just preface your comment with the word, "private" and I will not publish what you write. Also, if you include an email address where I can send a private answer, I will do so, and I will not publish your email address.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bianca Jones

What happened to Bianca Jones, the little girl who was reported missing this past Friday, when her dad reported that he had been carjacked, and his infant daughter kidnapped in the carjacked vehicle? I did a reading, and I hope and pray that this little girl is found today.

The situation is described by Tarot as the ten of wands crossed by the four of pentacles. The ten of wands usually tells of a string of problems, or hassles, to be more accurate, finally coming to an end. The four of pentacles is the witholding of resources, usually money but sometimes other things, such as information. So we have an end of a series of hassles crossed by a withholding of something dear and important. The background of the situation is the nine of pentacles. Here, I interpret this to be a woman who provided Bianca with a stable home. But in the recent past, we have the King of Wands. This, I interpret to be the dad, as he is the last person known to have had Bianca in his care. Wands and pentacles are different suits, so the message seems pretty clear.......the maternal influence provided more stability, and the more recent paternal influence was more daring, and possibly creative and fun, but not as stable. In the place of likely outcome, I see the truth finally told with a certain amount of relief following lots of worry (the nine of swords, reversed) and in the very near future, the High Priestess appears. I think this means.....and I do hope I am right.....that the information witheld at the beginning of this reading is finally given by the appropriate person.

In the place of fears, I have the Knight of Cups, reversed. This is a young man who does not speak the truth. In the place of environment, I have the Queen of Wands, reversed. This can be a jealous feminine influence, or an actual jealous, lying woman. I will not be surprised to hear of a female accomplice, or a female accomplice after the fact, now that this card has come up. In the place of hopes, we have the ten of swords, which means destruction. It can occasionally point to death, but as it comes up in a place of hopes or fears, I think it represents the speculations and fears of the media and the public. It could also, very easily, represent what the reversed Knight of Cups is afraid we will find. The last card is the two of pentacles, which is communication. Communication continues to be a problem, as it is intercepted and blocked, somehow. This person has a facade, as well as someone covering for him.

Somehow, the High Priestess seems to be the key card in this reading. She represents mysteries and the truth, the unknown truth, coming to light. Water....Churches.....Imagination......Subconcious.......Secrecy.....Dreams......

Update after thinking about this reading: nothing about this reading includes transportation or a vehicle, or even moving physically from one place to another. It is my opinion that this child did not disappear as the result of a carjacking. The ten of wands speaks to the end of problems, and the four of pentacles speaks to payment or resources witheld. This child is somewhere close to her father's home. I hope she is found today.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Who Hid Lisa Irwin And Where Is She?

In the fallout of all the the latest attempt to find Lisa Irwin, who went missing from Kansas City, Missouri on October 4 of this year, I did a Celtic Cross reading with my own question to see what the Tarot would tell me. My question was "Who hid Lisa Irwin, and where is she?"

The first cards were the eight of cups, reversed, crossed by the ten of wands. Reversed, the eight of cups means rejoicing and relief. This is crossed by the ten of wands, which carries a similar message...the finish of a struggle. My take on it is this: someone directly involved in Lisa's life was interested in the fun and merriment parts of life to the point of imbalence. The next card, in the place of background for all of this is the Devil, telling me that the responsibilities of parenting were found to be in conflict with other pursuits. Someone here felt very restricted, and became resentful. The event drifting into the past is the Chariot, reversed. This could represent anything from situation that had shut down and was "going nowhere" to an actual car that isn't running. Another thing that I think the Cards are telling us is that Lisa did not travel too far from her home on the night of October 4. Wherever she is, she is close. This is crowned by the nine of cups. The very best that can come out of this is that Lisa's family can become more supportive in efforts to find her.........but I have said that from the beginning! Also, I find myself very inclined to think that the nine of cups is telling us that Lisa can be found close to her home. The near future contains the King of Cups, reversed. This is a dishonest male who knows how to twist the truth and play on the emotions of others. I hate to see him in this position, but I'm afraid he is a factor, here.

Lisa's surroundings consist of the seven of cups. This is illusion, delusion, and sometimes the belief in a deception. The next card, describing the involvement of other people in Lisa's concealment, is the nine of swords, reversed. This could mean anything from worry on the part of the guilty party(s) to an actual physical location or object........such as 9 of "swords"= '99 cutlass........sometimes, it is helpful to actually be physically in the location and see what's there. The Queen of Swords, reversed, is in the place of fears. There is a woman who is perceived to be stalling the investigation. Communication and the law are involved here. The last card is the Page of Swords. This is a young person, and I believe this person has a tip or a clue that will help find Lisa. Until then, I will be praying for Lisa and her brothers.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Michelle Parker

I did a Celtic Cross reading to find out what happened to Michelle Parker and why she went missing. She is a mom of three, who went missing last month from Florida. Her courtship with the father of her children has been contentious, and they appeared on "People's Court", in a dispute over an engagement ring.

The basis of the matter was Temperance, reversed, crossed by the Lovers. This message seems pretty obvious......a bad combination of ingredients, but still combined, anyway. This is based by the five of wands, indicating deception, trickery, and games. From this, I gather that the police have already heard untruths from someone. In the recent past, the eight of swords came up, indicating that one or both parties not only felt trapped, but was trapped in the relationship. The very best possible outcome here is the seven of pentacles, which deals in reaping what is sown. I interpret this to mean that the efforts to find this young woman will, one day, pay off. It may happen as a result of a search. The devil shows up as a factor that will come into play in the future. In this instance, he represents more bondage for one or both parties to this relationship and situation. The Devil also represents bondage and "being trapped" on mundane levels, so it is possible that instead of being discarded in a manner that a stranger would discard a victim, Michelle is behind lock and key somewhere on private property, for which a search warrent would be required in order to carry out a search. Either way, this is NOT the work of a stranger.

The Wheel of Fortune came up in the place of the fears of the person responsible for Michelle's disappearance. This person feels lucky, as if riding in the currents of a good cycle. The surrounding environment is the ace of wands, reversed. This means that there will be no new beginnings for this relationship, and fire may have played a role in the coverup of evidence. In the place of hopes, the Hermit came up, reversed. Someone is hoping that searches for Michelle will end, emptyhanded. The final outcome is the ace of swords, telling me that all of this will come to light, possibly with the help of testimony or a tip.

Afterthought: this reading ended with the ace of swords, and the suits of swords is associated with the element of Air, which rules communication. It is quite possible that cell phones and cell phone pings will help solve this crime. One more possibility; I feel strongly that the reversed Hermit represents an older, male accomplice in this woman's disappearance. There were at least two people involved.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Happened To Sky Metalwala?

The question was actually "What happened to Sky Metalwala and where is he?", and I did a Celtic Cross in attempt to answer that question. It start with the Magician, crossed by the seven of swords. This tells me that someone with good intentions and a certain level of skill in some area experienced the obstacle of not being truly able to achieve, or fully achieve the goal in question. That's an unusual beginning to a reading such as this, but lets see where this goes.

This is founded by the Knight of pentacles reversed. This is a man in his mid twenties to possibly early forties. He is someone who quietly works toward a goal, without much fanfare, but when the card falls reversed, it indicates a man who isn't doing all he can to be productive, and has allowed too many details to go unattended. The next card, representing the influences that have very recently passed, is the Queen of Pentacles. This is usually a woman who can manage finances and material assets well, but here, I think this is someone who was trying to assist in the management of dysfunctional family politics that was generated by Sky's family. She could also be someone connected more directly to Sky's disappearance.......I am simply not getting the impression that she is Sky's mother. The best that can come out of it is Death, reversed, and this is a card of stagnation when reversed. Don't expect the family to learn any new negotition skills. Something that will happen is Judgement, reversed. I do not like to see this card falling reversed in this position; it tells me that there will be no positive changes any time soon. It shows that any legal decisions made will not favor anyone involved, and it does not bode well for Sky, either. But never give up.

At the beginning of the Staff, we have the Hermit in the place of self. I take this to mean that the community is diligently searching for Sky. In the place of Sky's "environment", the four of wands came up. This is a card of happiness and contentment, often connected to family. But coming up in this position, I am forced to wonder if it refers to physical location, instead of the perceptions of others. Could it refer to a park, where people go for recreation and fun? The tower, reversed is in the place of hopes and expectations, and this tells me that someone involved in this does not want to go with any of the changes imposed by the situation. And the final outcome is the Knight of Wands. This card often tells of a move, or a change in circumstances. If the card referes to a person, it is generally a man in his late twenties to early forties, who moves quickly and has a lot of energy. Since this card also has an association with travel, that should certainly be a consideration here. This may also represent the person who brings Sky home. In short, it looks as if Sky disappeared because his parents were unable to resolve conflicts. I do not see a stranger in the mix anywhere; tarot is not always interpreted with 100% accuracy, but I still believe that this did not happen as a random act.

Case Type: Endangered Missing
DOB: Oct 2, 2009Sex: Male
Missing Date: Nov 6, 2011Race: White
Age Now: 2Height: 2'10" (86 cm)
Missing City: BELLEVUEWeight: 28 lbs (13 kg)
Missing State : WAHair Color: Black
Missing Country: United StatesEye Color: Brown
Case Number: NCMC1183128

Friday, November 11, 2011

Update To Excellent Use Of Talent

Several days ago, I posted a video depicting Kyron Horman, who disappeared from Skyline Elemetary in Portland Oregon, in June of 2010, when he was seven years old. The video showed the viewer how subtle changes, such as hairstyle, and natural maturity could change a child's appearance. Quite a few people got a chance to see it. The creator of the video got a lot of positive grateful feedback, but; sadly, he also got some disturbing feedback, and as a result, decided to take it down. So while the video is no longer available, there are still pictures of young Kyron in my sidebar, and I encourage everyone to have a look at them.

Psychics and readers are very good at helping the general public think "outside of the box" and use imagination and visualization to recognize that which is not readily seen or that which is deliberately hidden. But at the same time, pictures work even faster. That is why I included that video on this site. While the video was taken down, I still think there is lots of hope that Kyron will be found one day, and I still encourage everyone to pray and keep their eyes open.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Excellent Use Of Talent

Here is a video explaining how Kyron Horman would look quite different now than he did on June 4, 2010, when he disappeared from his school, Skyline Elemetary, in Portland, Oregon. I want everyone to get a good look at it. Once again, thankyou, Jonathan; you are SO talented!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Did Aliyah Lunsford Disappear?

I have intended to do a reading for Aliyah Lunsford, three years old, for a long time, as she has been missing since September 24, but somehow, the right question just did not present itself until today. It really "felt" better to ask "why", rather than "how", or "where", which are questions I usually ask when I do a reading for a missing person.

I did a Celtic Cross reading, and the basis is the ten of cups, reversed, crossed by the five of cups, pointing to the past. This tells me that everything a family should have offered a little girl was not offered, or given to Aliyah, for some reason. The five of cups tells of unrealized potential in this situation, and unappreciated blessings. It could also mean a return, or something or someone missing finally being found, but I do not think so, here. This is very sad.

Founding this, we have Justice, reversed. Legal matters were somehow not in this little girl's favor, even as early as age three. While social services may have had a hand in this reference to the law, I really think it was more a personal matter, between Aliyah's parents. The next card, speaking of matters in Aliyah's very recent past, is the Empress, reversed. This is a mother, or a mother figure, who is very selfish, shallow, and not very "motherly". I am assuming, for the moment, that this is Aliyah's mother. I could be wrong about the "who", but the character traits and the presence of a person fitting the description remains. This person is a big part of the "why" in "why did Aliyah go missing?". The next card, telling me the best possible outcome of this, is the seven of wands, reversed. If the Reversed Empress would simply reveal what she knows, and stop playing games with law enforcement and doing her best to keep them "away from her door", so to speak, that would be best, and possibly help recover Aliyah. What will happen, however; has a lot to do with a male in the Empress's, and Aliyah's, lives. He is the Knight of Swords, reversed. This is not a good card, and not a good position for this card, in any missing person's reading. It often heralds violence or a violent death. In this case, I think the card does double duty, describing a person AND an event; namely, the the last person to see Aliyah alive, and possibly, what happened to her on the morning of September 24.

The first card on the staff is the King of Pentacles. This is an older, sensible, down-to earth man who may be able to ask the right questions and put together a scenario that will lead searchers and investigators to Aliyah and the truth about what happened to her. The next card, describing the environs around Aliyah, and possibly to the opinions and feelings of friends and family about her, is the Queen of Wands, reversed. This is a jealous, angry woman who is attempting to mislead law enforcement and throw the investigation off course, This is NOT the Empress, to whom I referred earlier. As a curious note, I wonder how jealousy plays a role in the disappearance of a THREE YEAR OLD? Ok; moving along to the "hoped for" outcome; I have the Devil. This can be taken two different ways; it can represent the hopes of law enforcement and the community to solve this case using tried and true methods, bound to tradition, not having to think outside of the box, or it can represent to desires of the perpetrator to continue thwarting resolution and justice. Possibly both; either way, it creates a problem in finding this little girl. As a final outcome, I get the Lovers, reversed. This could represent bad relationships, bad combinations, or bad choices. The message I get from the card reversed in this position, as the outcome of this reading, is that the Empress and the Knight of Swords are the combination described by the Lovers, and when their bad combination disintigrates, bits and pieces of the truth will come out. After that, the King of Pentacles will be able to put those bits and pieces together, and the guilty parties will be confronted.

I was never given a true direction or a location; but I do see water, and slow movement north.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lisa Irwin

Initially, I wasn't going to do a reading about Lisa Irwin. I was honestly hoping that she would be found before I would even have a chance to publish a reading, and returned to her family, to live a long and happy life. Yet it eight days have passed, and this has not happened. Someone challenged me to do a reading for her, so I will attempt it. I will have to say, I do not like the way this reading looks....

This is a past/present/future reading. The first three cards I drew represent the past. It starts with the ten of swords. This tells me that a situation that seemed almost impossible has reached it's end. In this case, stealth was involved more than violence, still; the message is disturbing. It does not bode well for little Lisa. The next card is the five of pentacles, telling of resources or help that were available but not seen or utilized. There was a certain amount of exasperation and desperation on someone's part. (I don't know who the "someone" is at this point....I want to be VERY clear about that) I also see a lack of guidance, followed by misguidance. The next card is the knight of pentacles. He is a young man in his early twenties, quiet, unassuming, and purposeful. His goal here was to help with the situation described by the ten of swords. This is a person who knows more about Lisa's CURRENT whereabouts than anyone else.

The three cards I drew for the present are these: the page of pentacles; this is news of an opportunity that involved finances. It is followed by the eight of swords, reversed. The opportunity was followed by some sort of release from a constricting situation. And this card was followed by the queen of cups, reversed. She is a woman with artistic tendencies, yet also unwilling to make sacrifices. As I do not know her role in Lisa's life, I will reiterate that I am not pointing any fingers at anyone.

For the future, I have Strength, reversed, as the first card. The family and community surrounding Lisa's life has become upset, understandably, and emotionally embroiled in this. There is also a warning attached to this that people searching and sifting through clues have become emotionally exhausted, as well as physically tired, and this is affecting everyone's objectivity, even law enforcement's. The next card is the four of swords, telling me that Lisa will be found one day.Upside right, this card is a card of rest, or of things in "stasis"; but upside down, it tells of renewed activity and motion. The cards are not telling me WHEN Lisa will be found, though. The last card is the King of Wands. This is man with an honest interest in simply finding Lisa, and as fire represents the suit of wands, he brings light and new knowledge to the case and to those who are searching. He is not part of Lisa's family, and is somehow very instumental in finding Lisa.

One more thought: in Taoism, four is a number that represents family. Yet this four of swords is reversed........also; swords are associated with air, the element of communication. I think the break in the case comes from communicating with Lisa's family.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Twofold Nature Of Psychic Guidance

I had trouble deciding whether to title this post "The Twofold Nature Of Psychic Guidance", or "Why I Have Not Published A Reading For Lisa Irwin". Don't get me wrong, I DID do a reading for Lisa Irwin. And I shared my observations with whom I feel are the correct people. To date, the crime has not been solved, and poor little Lisa is still lost.

Giving the reading is only one part of the process. The other part is interpretation and listening. Going on and on with reading after reading, while no one is looking at the clues provided, is taxing and nonproductive. And, information that can get a case solved usually does not change by the minute, and it is almost an insult to continue with more readings while the first one has been ignored. This is something I see from time to time with people who want readings about bad relationships.........the problems that made the relationship unworkable have not changed, yet the person, or persons, want to find some sort of "psychic loophole", and delay dealing with their problems. Also, there are a couple of websites that encourage amateur psychics to persist with observation after observation, until each contributor is so far away from reality that further communication is worthless. The advice of a psychic or a reading only has to be uttered once. More times, possibly, if something changes, but not again and again.

This listening of which I speak...........it would seem that it is harder than it sounds. Just mundane clues, such as clues offered by Jaycee Dugrad's stepfather, Carl Probyn, who saw the kidnapping of his stepdaughter but was ignored by the police and later accused, get ignored and make the word of any enlightened psychic ineffective. Had anyone come along and told the police the truth, that a sex offender with a criminal history had taken Jaycee, the police probably would not have listened, any better than they listened to Carl Probyn, an eye witness. Sad. Also, there is Michele Dorr, whose father was accused of making her disappear in 1986, in Maryland. They did not have enough evidence to charge him, but the real killer killed again, at least a couple more times, before he was caught in the early 1990's. No one wanted to consider any other possibilty than the dad. I lived in Maryland at the time, and someone actually had me do a reading for that. The answer was that the dad was innocent, and no one wanted to listen.

Right now, I think the police can actually solve Lisa Irwin's kidnapping if they look at the community, and the neighboring cities. If they look hard at every connection Lisa's family has, and question everyone, giving no respect to whatever the community respects, but just looking at possible connections to the family and oppotunity to take this child, I think they determine who took Lisa. I also think they know that, and are afraid, for some reason, to do that. I think it's easier for them to just close the case, rather than stand up to a dangerous criminal or question someone who is politically well connected within the Kansas City area. So they blamed Lisa's parents. This isn't to say that Lisa's parents have not somehow erred; it just looks to me as if the police did not really do a thorough investigation. If the police do not want to look at all the obvious, mundane clues, there is no way a psychic or a reading can help.

In time, if Baby Lisa is not found, I will publish readings about her. After she has grown or changed, obvious clues that are useful now will no longer be useful. It will be necessary to use intuition and think outside of the box, so to speak, in order to gain insight. But I would really like to see this baby found before the situation reaches that point.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Question About Law Enforcement In Kyron Horman's Case

Yesterday, someone asked me a question about the police, and how the Kyron Horman case has been handled. Since I have not done a reading about this yet, I decided to do one, and post it online. It's a Celtic Cross, and the verbatim is, "what have the police not covered in Kyron Horman's case?"

The basis is the four of pentacles crossed by the seven of swords. The four of pentacles signifies hoarding resources instead of spending them, and the seven of swords tells me that this was more than the police were able to manage in the first place. So........that was easy; financial corners were cut early on, and it was handled in ways that were inexpert and gave an advantage to a thief or kidnapper.

The next two cards deal with things that happened close to the event (Kyron's disappearance) itself. Below, in the place of background, we have the Sun, which is a great card. It usually means excellent fortune. This makes me think that the crime could have been solved by now, if looked at......with LIGHT shining on it.......or under the SUN. (sounds weird, but somehow seemed like the thing to say at the time) Perhaps they (law enforcement) already have their answer. The next card, representing events or people moving into the past, is the two of wands. This is an endeavor which was started with help, in this case, an accomplice. I think an accomplice was able to slip away, unnoticed and unquestioned in this whole mess. To this day, no one may be looking at this person or his or her involvement.

The next card, the two of cups reversed, deals with an issue that is still having repercussions on the investigation; inability on the parts of two or more individuals to work together. I do not know if this is law enforcement or others involved in the search or in Kyron's life, but I do know that the lack of trust and breakdown of communication between these two entities has the potential to continue to harm Kyron's chances of being found. Something that WILL happen, is the Hermit. He is a little like Diogenes, looking for an honest man. He will leave no stone unturned, and I am happy to see him in the place of things that WILL happen, rather than things that COULD happen.

The staff begins with Strength in the place of environs, this tells me that law enforcement is still committed to finding Kyron. Eight is the number of that card; perhaps it is of some significance. I will have to think on that some more. The next card deals with public opinion, and it is the eight of pentacles reversed. Upright, this card is the card of the apprentice, gifted in his chosen field. Upside down, not so much! Apparently, my questioner, and others, have a low opinion of the skill and diligence of this police force! This is followed by the ten of wands in the place of desires, and this indicates that the community would like to see closure in this matter. The final outcome is the Fool. The Fool is a completely new idea, approach, or person. He can be an event or an individual, and upright, as this card appears, he is almost an answer to prayer! I believe law enforcement will finally get a valid tip that will help the Hermit, who appeared in the place of things to come, find Kyron and solve this case.

I realize that there are a couple of loose ends in the question, but this is what I have right now, along with a grey cat who wants to reshuffle my cards!

Friday, September 9, 2011

What Will It Take To Straighten Out The Confusion With Kyron Horman's Kidnapping?

In light of the reading I did on September 5, I asked Tarot another question about the Kyron Horman case. I wanted to know how all of this confusion associated with the case can be straightened out, in order to give law enforcement a proper direction to find Kyron.

In a Celtic Cross, we have the seven of wands crossed by the Lovers. Whoever was initially responsible for Kyron's disappearance is faced with a choice, possibly linked to romance, and will favor just keeping the media and others at bay as long as possible. Underneath this, we have the nine of swords, indicating worry. Then, in the recent past, the nine of pentacles reversed appears, telling me that this person's financial security is not strong right now. Moving along to possible choices or outcomes, I have the Chariot. This person would like to find a way to make the two realities, past mistakes and current coverups, work together to create a way to keep evading the truth. But in the near future, the page of pentacles appears, reversed. This could mean that an event out of this person's control is about to happen, involving a child or an adolescent, or a school. It could also mean that this person is not willing, in any way, to cooperate with law enforcement about Kyron.

The staff begins with the four of swords in the place of the emotional and physical state of the situation.......basically, things are "at rest". In the "enivironment" involving other people, we have the five of pentacles reversed. It would appear that the situation has received some new resources from somewhere, or the perpetrator has gotton some sort of charity. Perhaps both. In the place of hopes, we have the nine of cups, reversed. This is a hope for this whole mess to somehow come to an end....not an unpleasent end, but an end. As a final outcome, the four of cups, reversed, shows up. Rightside up, it represents lack of gratitude and appreciation. Upside down, it can mean a new relationship or opportunity, and looking harder at the reversed five of pentacles........that's another interpretation for that card. It's possible that the perpetrator has found a new romantic relationship.

One more interesting note is that three nines came up. I feel that this means that in mind of the person who took Kyron, this is not completely over. But, the reversals of the none of pentacles and the nine of cups indicate that no opportunity will pan out as long as this matter is not resolved.

Kyron is also nine years old today. Happy Birthday, Kyron! Come home!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Difficult Question In The Kyron Horman Case

I asked the Tarot a difficult question concerning Kyron Horman and the efforts to find him. It was basically about why Kyron has not been found yet, and where all of the searches and efforts have gone wrong. This reading is Celtic Cross, and this is what I got:

Basis: Ten of swords, reversed, cross by the Queen of Cups. This is a temporary position of power, gained by chaotic means. The Queen of Cups is the person who would love to just jump in and solve the problem created by all this chaos. Founding this, we get the ten of pentacles. This represents money that was gifted, not earned. Somehow, it is part of this picture. Someone involved in Kyron's life received either an inheritance or a large sum of money as a gift. The King of Cups is the influence fading into the background. The best that can be expected from this part of the situation alone is the Page of Swords, reversed. This is a tip, or testimony, about what is going on. It comes from someone who is not kindly disposed toward those involved, or under some other legally hostile circumstance. The ace of pentacles is what will happen; unlike the ten, the ace represents an opportunity for financial gain, more than an actualized reality of financial gain. But it is reveresed, which tells me that whatever was done was done for nothing.

Staff: In the place of valid concerns surrounding this we have the King of Swords. This represents law enforcement and the court system; so that is still heavily on someone's mind. The going opinion of this matter and the persons involved is the Sun; I think someone has a lot of people fooled concerning his or her (or both?) involvement with Kyron's disappearance. The following card, in the place of hopes, is the four of wands, which tells me that this person is hoping to continue down the same path, never getting found out. The final outcome is the Queen of Swords, reversed. This is typically a woman who has lost a few things dear to her, such as family or children, and reversed, can be quite vindictive. The puzzling thing is that she did not become completely "barren" until after Kyron went missing!  I think the money referred to earlier in the reading may have been, at one point, hers.

The two "tens" in the reading are curious. First of all, the reversed ten of swords.........in this case, this is power gotton by holding an entire situation hostage and doing little else. Then, underneath it, we have the ten of pentacles. I think that's really what this is all about. Some invested an entire inheritance or the sum of a savings account into something, and didn't get the expected return. It looks as if it isn't going to happen, either.

DNA, careful fact finding, and diplomacy will somehow find a way to set this straight. I still have hope that there will be a very happy reunion for Kyron and his family.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where Is Lindsey Baum?

Ok....now for my next question about Lindsey Baum........where  is she?

Past; three cards, King of Pentacles, three of cups, three of swords, reversed. This tells me that an older man, possibly interested in money put an end to a relatively happy situation. Lindsey thought she was safe, and did not fight the older man, but was sadly mistaken.

Present; three more cards, four of swords, reversed, two of wands, Empress, reversed. This states that a situation that was stagnant suddenly became "unstagnant". There are currently two accomplices keeping this matter from coming to light, and one is a woman who clearly does not have Lindsey's best interests at heart. This came up the reading about what happened to Lindsey, as well.

Things to come; five of pentacles, reversed, Hanged Man, reversed, six of pentacles. Not a card combination I liked, here. My initial vision was of a tree, or digging between an 5th and 6th street, and the secret finally getting revealed. Is there even a 5th and 6th street in McCleary, Washington. The information will be new and unexpected. Also, the reading began and ended with pentacles......first the King, then the six. The King is in it for material reasons, and the six is saying that you get out of it what you put in, in other words, you get what you pay for. Someone still isn't satisfied with what he or she has been offered in order to give up the truth about what has happened.

What Happened To Lindsey Baum

I did a Celtic Cross reading to determine what happened to Lindsey Baum, and I must say, the answer, as I interpreted it was a surprise. I had initially thought that poor Lindsey was deceased, but now, I am not so sure. So this is going to be a two-parter. I will start with what the cards tell me has happened to her, and then move onto a question in another reading about her whereabouts.

The basis consists of the King of Cups, reversed, crossed by the Emporer. This is clearly two men. One is a dishonest, manipulative, liar who may drink too much or force sexual perversions on others. The other, who is in conflict with the King of Cups, is either Lindsey's father, or has a fatherly concern for her. The matters underlying this whole situation is the Page of Cups, and I perceive this to be Lindsey. In fact, the numeric value of a page is 11, and I do believe Lindsey is 11 this year. Energies flowing away from all of this are the five of wands, which represents a game being played with someone; in this case, Lindsey's mother and law enforcement. Above this, depicting the very best that can come out of this, (and this bothers me, somewhat) is the Empress, reversed. This is not a good card for the position. It tells of a either a mother who does not have Lindsey's best interests at heart, or a psuedo-mother, playing the role, and maintaining a facade, keeping the truth hidden. Another interesting factor in this reading is the appearance of both the Emporer and the Empress. It gives me hope that Lindsey is still alive. The next card, things to come, is possibly the most interesting of all..........we get the Lovers, upright. Either some news that is very telling is on the way, from a surprise source, or someone who knows something helpful makes the right choice, and gives good information to law enforcement.

At the beginning of the staff, we find the ace of wands, telling me that someone took advantage of an opportunity..........Lindsey was simply in an easy position to be kidnapped. For her environs, we have the three of cups, which tells of happiness. But too much happiness in a reading like this is not always a good sign, because once a person is deceased and reaches peace about it, we often find happiness surrounding that person. Next, in the place of hopes and fears, is judgement, reversed. This speaks to the fact that Lindsey is presumed deceased by many people. The final outcome is the Queen of Pentacles. She is a person who knows what happened, and can come forward and tell law enforcement.

This reading really makes me wonder what Lindsey's home life was like, and where her biological father stood in all of this. The initial and most clear interepretation would be that Lindsey was caught in a negative situation with a step parent or significant other of a natural parent, and was rescued by the other parent, but was all of this sufficiently studied by law enforcement? And, while walking home from the neighbor's house, how far did she get on her five minute walk home that evening?

Lindsey Baum, of McCleary, Wahsington

Friday, July 22, 2011

Where Is Baby Kate?

Katherine Phillips, a five month old baby girl, was driven away by her alleged biological father, in Michigan, while supposedly offering the mother a ride to the hospital with her for a DNA test. He was arrested three hours later, at his mother's house, but there was no sign of the baby. This happened at the end of June, so it has been over three weeks. I did a Celtic Cross reading, asking the question, "Where is baby Kate?"

The first card was the Magician, crossed by the eight of cups. This give a basis of a man who knows exactly what he  is doing, taking advantage of a situation wherein someone had changed his/her mind about a course of action. As a foundation for this, we have the Moon, which tells me that this "father" had planned this all along, but had not told the baby's mother what he intended  to do. As an event in the recent past, the knight of swords shows up. This is a rather violent card........it could tell of a death, but lets hope he is just telling us that the baby was taken out of the area quickly. The best that can come from all of this is some disappointing news, as we get the Page of Wands, reveresed, in the position of possible outcomes. Someone who WILL come into the picture, however; is the Queen of Wands. This card is also reversed, telling me that she is not an honest, legit person, and has a nasty personality, as well.

The staff begins with the nine of pentacles, reversed, in the place of this father's concerns, followed by the three of pentacles in the place of home environment. This points to a desire on his part to keep his finacial resources to himself and only have himself to support. (selfish creep) In the place of his hopes is the five of wands, which tells me that he has no intention of telling the truth about what he did and is only planning to play games with authorities and Baby Kate's mother. The final card on the staff is the ace of wands, as an outcome to all of this. That is the best card in the reading........it tells of an opportunity to either find this little girl, or perhaps someone will come forward with information. Unless the father feels he has something to lose, all of a sudden, by not revealing her whereabouts, he has no intention of doing so.

Here is little Katherine Phillips, and here is more information.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moderated Comments

Someone made a request to me that I moderate my comments on this blog, so I did. Now that they are moderated, anyone who wants to tell me something private via comments on here can do so, and I will not publish the comment unless that is what you want.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Best Way For Whoever Has Kyron To Return Him

Ok; yesterday, I did a reading discussing who could tell us where Kyron is, and now here is one describing the best way for the person who currently has Kyron to give him back. Kyron Horman was last seen in his Portland school, Skyline Elementary, on June 4, 2010, in the morning before classes began.

This is a Celtic Cross reading, and the first card is the two of swords. This reiterates yesterdays reading, which featured the stalemate of the two of swords as a defensive posture of the perpetrator. It is crossed by the Emporer. From this, I glean that this person is deadlocked into a stalemate over something with Kyron's father. It is founded by the six of pentacles, reversed. This tells me that someone involved either feels they did not get what they earned, or truly didn't. In either case, the situation evolved into this person getting nothing, as shown by the five of pentacles representing the energies slowly passing from the situation. Crowning this, the Tower, reversed, is the best possible outcome. So at this point, no matter what happens, whoever has Kyron should plan on making major lifestyle changes in the future. This is verified by the arrival of the Knight of Wands in the very near future. I think this card has a double meaning: I think a man who really wants to get to the bottom of this and find Kyron is nearby, and I think it represents a change of residence for the person who has Kyron. And possibly for Kyron.

On the staff, the negative feelings of the person who has Kyron was represented by the four of pentacles, reversed. This is a feeling that time and resources have been wasted, and that the whole gesture of taking Kyron was a waste of energy. Following this card, in the place of the person's personal environment, is the three of swords, reversed. Agreements have fallen apart, trust is eroding, and no one really wants to play this game anymore. In the place of the perpetrator's hopes, we get the nine of cups......the perpetrator is comfortable and wants things to remian just as they are. As a final outcome, the Page of Swords comes up. I do not feel that the Page of Swords is the perpetrator, and I do not feel that the perpetrator is going to try to make this right by giving Kyron back to his parents. The suggestion made by the Page of Swords is that there really are no secrets, and this secret will force it's way into the open in a life-altering way.

One possible interpretation of the five of pentacles is a church, and that could provide the means to give Kyron back to his parents. I believe it has been suggested before. The way this card is followed by a knight would warn the perpetrator to just leave, after making sure Kyron found an adult to sit down and talk to. It could work.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who Can Tell Us Where Kyron Is?

Ok, I found myself asking this question, and wanting to post the answer I got. It is a Celtic Cross reading about Kyron Horman, who went missing on June 4, 2010, from Portland Oregon.

The basis of the matter is the Empress, reversed, crossed by the Lovers. This tells me that someone who should have been more motherly and responsible than she was made and continues to make very selfish choices. The Lovers can represent the making of a choice, or an actual partnership, and in this case, I think it represents both. And the fact that the Empress did not act alone is always on her mind........someone who knows the facts and can throw her under the bus, so to speak.

Founding the matter is the three of cups, reversed. A newly hatched plan did not work out as planned, and has been abandoned. The passing influence here is the three of wands reversed, telling me that there were accomplices, and there was a definate plan. The reversal of the card indicates the dishonesty. This is crowned by the nine of cups, reversed. While no one has been held accountable for Kyron's disappearance yet, whatever was supposed to have been accomplished has not worked out as planned. The soon-to-come influence is the Page of cups. This is really a big part of the answer to my question, indicating that if the person who knows something about Kyron's whereabouts will kindly speak up, the news will be good.

The staff begins with the Page of wands, reversed. The person who could bring Kyron home is untruthful, instead. In the place of home environment and public perception, I get the Star, reversed. Who this person is, he/she is seen as unrealistic and a bit unstable. In the place of hopes and fears, there is the two of swords, reversed. Whoever this is has someone else in a stalemate, and has used it to keep things just they way they are for Kyron and his family. I take this to be a fear, because the person is very afraid of the stalemate ending. And as a final outcome, I have the four of swords, reversed, which means that for good or for ill, the stalemate WILL end, and information will make it's way out from somewhere about this little boy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What Happened To Adam Herrman?

Here's a Celtic Cross reading I did for Adam Herrman, the eleven year old who disappeared from his adoptive parents' home in 1999.

The first card is the page of pentacles, reversed. This, I believe, represents Adam. It is crossed by the Lovers. This tells me that his adoptive parents, together, saw him as somehow counterproductive to the functioning of their family. The fact that Adam is represented by the suit of pentacles also tells me that the problem Mr. and Mrs. Herrman had with Adam was not personal, but involved family "politics", and financial resources. Underneath the first two cards is the Star, which I believe is telling me that Adam was born with great potential that was never realized. The High Priestess was behind, moving out of his life at the time, so there was some feminine support that had recently ceased to be part of Adam's life. This is crowned with the eight of swords, reversed, telling me that whatever did happen, it involved Adam finally becoming free from a situation that was little more than a trap. The next card, is the ten of pentacles, reversed. I believe this is the whole reason Adam is missing; reversed, this card tells of inheritances going to the wrong people, and ill-gotton financial bonuses. It also describes theft, and Mr. and Mrs. Herrman did plead guilty to theft in connection to young Adam's money.

The first card on the staff, in the place of Adam's fears, is the three of wands. He was probably told he was going on a long trip somewhere, but not told where. The second card, indicating the "home" environment, or things currently around Adam, is the two of pentacles, reversed. He is hidden, lied about, possibly in a spot where things get moved around by the elements from time to time, and maybe on a "2nd Street", or a place where 2 or 200 is the house number. He may have been locked in a building. In the place of his hopes, is the Empress, representing the mother. Either Adam was waiting for his real mother or his adopted mother to come back and get him. The final outcome is the Wheel of Fortune, reversed. I do not think Adam is with us, anymore. I hope he is found, so that his biological family can get closure, and so that his adoptive "parents" can be brought to justice.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Timothy Pitzen

I did a Celtic Cross reading for Timothy Pitzen, asking the question, "Where is Timothy Pitzen?". Here is what I got in answer: The Lovers, reversed, crossed by the seven of cups. This tells me that the mother not only was unstable, but had very likely recently had some romantic hopes dashed. The seven of cups tells me that while the relationship was real enough, her expectations were not. The groundwork for this question was the six of pentacles reversed, and this also speaks to the situation of the mother. She was simply not willing to do her share of the work involved in partnership and family. Sad. As something that recently happened, I have the ace of pentacles reversed, (two reversed pentacles explaining why this happened) and it tells of a material opportunity lost in the mother's life, only this time, it affected the boy. Crowning the situation, I have the queen of wands reversed, and I honestly believe that more more of this is investigated, we will find that the mother was jealous for some reason. The card telling me the immediate reason for her actions is the five of swords, indicating a power struggle and revenge.

For the first card on the staff, we have the World, reversed, indicating that wherever he is, he is worried that he will not be found. The number of this card is 21; I sincerely hope that this does not mean that he will be 21 when found! The next card, home environment, is the nine of cups, which is a good card to have in that position. It means that his surroundings are warm and happy with all that he needs materially. This is followed by the nine of wands, reversed, in the place of Timothy's hopes, and I really think that he is impatient to go back to his home, and familiar surroundings. All of this is controlled by the knight of wands, which tells me that a male between the ages of 22 and 40 is involved, and also that Timothy may be on the move. There is nothing to indicate that he is deceased, although the World reversed does worry me. Please keep Timothy in your prayers.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Psychic Tips

Recently, a psychic called the police in Texas to report that there were dozens of dismembered corpses on a certain property. Because of the heinousness of what the psychic described, the police decided to check it out. There had been a family squabble and suicide attempt at the house in the past, but nothing like the crime scene the psychic had been so sure existed. Here's a link to that story. Hollywood has given us a truly fictitious idea of how psychic talent works.

A very serious impediment to using psychic vision to find a missing person is lack of knowledge about the subject of the search, and not knowing exactly what to ask. Even the most gifted of sensitives cannot focus upon an area or a person completely unknown to him and get precise answers. And, like it or not, there are simply not that many humans on the planet with that kind of metaphysical talent at this point in history. It takes time to develop, time to learn, and even more time to learn how to interpret information. Still, kudos to the police in Texas for listening to the information that was given them, and checking on it, anyway. Had any of it been true, even the smallest amount, it would have made a big difference to the community.

A very serious problem that law enforcement has with the use of psychics is the quality of the information, even valid information, that psychics relay. I can "listen" telepathically to a crime victim who is missing, or even see what he is willing to show me through his eyes sometimes, but if all I see is a white house, or a railroad in the background, then it is of almost no use as a clue. Something that can be useful from a psychic, from time to time, can be a description of an unknown suspect. But by and large, people have not reached an evolutionary point wherein communication is efficient enough, either for the visionary or the seeker, to use that kind of information to solve a crime. A certain website encouraging people to try to remotely "see" certain things pertaining to unsolved crimes will disagree with me, but this is what I have found in over thirty years of using divination. There are, of course, execptions, and I look forward to the day when all of us can understand one another more easily.

A practical/moral problem in using divination occurs when law enforcement and others simply will not listen to what an eyewitness is trying to relate after a crime has been committed. Take the Jaycee Dugard case, for example; her stepfather, Carl Probyn, was on his bicycle, watching in horror, as eleven year old Jaycee was forced into a vehicle and kidnapped. Because a motor vehicle is obviously faster than a bicycle, the kidnappers got away. But he gave a very good account to the event, along with an excellent description of Nancy Garrido, who snatched Jaycee. Instead of listening to him, the police accused him. There was not a thing a psychic could have added to Carl Probyn's testimony; law enforcement had an obligation to listen to him, and they didn't. Why should telepathy or remote viewing replace an eyewitness account? It shouldn't. Law enforcement ALREADY had quite a bit of credible information that they completely disregarded. If I had done a reading for them, it probably would have directed them back to the testimony of Carl Probyn.

While I am discussing moral problems with psychic talents, allow me to make one more point. This has to do with wishful thinking and ego tripping. If I do not get any useful information from a reading, or I get information the seeker does not want to hear, I simply say so. The case of Shawn Hornebeck, who was kidnapped by a stranger and held hostage for four years, is an example of this. Psychics told his parents that he was dead, and even gave them messages, allegedly from Shawn, from "beyond". This in inexcusable, and I do not believe that anyone got any message concerning Shawn from anywhere, until the day the kidnapper tried to grab another child.

That said, I can tell you that divination works very well for me. But answers to questions that I can answer all by meself, no tarot cards, telepathy, or runes, do not just fall out of the sky. In fact, I don't necessarily always feel terribly "enlightened" when I "sense" soemthing. Extrasensory perception can almost be described as seeing a matter from a completely different perspective. Maybe that is what it really is.........or using highly tuned intuition to to reach a very different conclusion than most people would reach. While it just does not work the Hollywood has led the public to believe it works, I am still grateful that there are police forces in this country who will listen to any information to keep the rest of us safe.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kyron Horman

As promised, my reading about Kyron Horman. My exact question was "is Kyron coming back?". I did a very simple layout, just past, present, and future.

For the past, the first card I got was the three of wands, reversed. This tells me that this was definately a planned event, with an intention of deception, including accomplices, probably two or three. The next card is the Knight of Cups. This card fell upright, and I think this is a sensitive male who was involved, but may not have known the criminal intent of the person who planned Kyron's disappearance. He is probably between the ages of 18 and 40..........give or take several years on either side. I am sensing that he is single. This card was followed by the King of Swords, reversed. This is an older, educated male, possibly an attorney, or otherwise invovled in law, who does not have Kyron's best interests at heart.

The present gave me the six of swords as the first card, telling me that wherever Kyron is, he is on the move. That is good; if Kyron is in transit from one place to another, that indicates that he is likely still with us. It was followed by the ace of wands, reversed. This tells of a missed opportunity to locate Kyron, but....but....but; the last card for the present is the Empress reversed. This indicates a woman with "reverse maternal" feelings about Kyron. The combination tells me that the travel indicated in the six of swords was a deliberate move to get Kyron out of sight for the present. This was done over the weekend, just as the year mark approached. So someone is still trying very hard to keep him hidden.

For the future, I have the five of cups as the first card. While a lot has been lost, there could still be a resolution to this, if Kyron is found now. I also see disappointment and a betrayal for the person who stole Kyron. This has not turned out the way she planned it at all. The next card is the Knight of Wands, reversed. What began as fun and games for the kidnapper becomes danger of exposure, as the knight of wands turns on her. He does not have Kyron's best interest at heart either, but is the one who "flips" on everyone else involved. This is followed by the five of wands, reversed. Much was done in a spirit of vengeance, and continues to be cloaked in deceit. Sadly, while I see this resolving, I see it resolving slowly, as layers and layers of trickery fall apart and details get ignored. The good thing is, Kyron is still with us, according to this reading.

Tarot Discussion

Yesterday, on the sad anniverary of Kyron Horman's disappearance, someone asked me to do a Tarot reading about it and publish it online. So I thought about it, and how I would do this, and came up with this blog. I don't have much here, yet; I am planning on including a deck of Tarot cards for everyone to look at, and possibly outlining and explaining some other forms of divination, too. I have never had divination give me a bum steer, but I want to say that it is very important to understand and interpret carefully. Also, there are some things we just shouldn't ask...........and I mostly refer to death here. When doing readings for missing persons, this unfortunately comes up.........but it has been my experience most of the time that inasmuch as the "soul" is concerned, death is just another step in a long process of evolution. Another reason to avoid asking "when someone will die" is that all of us would be "playing for the day of death", and not living life on life's terms, if we had such information. There have only been a very small handful of times that the Tarot has FORETOLD a death in a reading of mine, and each time, it has been a preventable death. Another thing to keep in mind is that Tarot will often describe a future in terms of options and choices, but usually not as if it were "written in stone". This means that many factors influence day to day affairs, and the Tarot is best employed to help one reflect on the best choices, rather than for "telling the future". That said, I really love Tarot!